Wednesday, December 9, 2009

happie bday Preet :):)

So, its yet another year.. not feeling in the best of health today :( so jus gonna keep it short and simple. I want all of you who read this post to write what you feel towards me/this blog. criticism most welcome. I cant say I love it, since we dont love to breathe :) I want you guys to let me know who I am according to your bonding with me in this online family. so deal?
and yeah, this blog is open to all.. except of course anonymous readers. As I have said many times, there is no err.. secret content out here for you too keep your identity reserved.
ok, will wrap up..hugs to you all :):)

Friday, November 20, 2009

meet the honest damsel ::):)

aww... Sree gave me this honest scrap award.. I am so pleased (happie tears of course, honestly :))..

The rules are I need to write 10 honest things about me ( I assume it can be even 'pure' thoughts I very often have :/) Then I need to tag seven people and pass on this award..
Lemme start...
1. I love to do solitary wrestling with my soul. I choose to be disturbed for no reason, laugh my arse off for again no reason, I drool over guys for no reason (err.. yeah.. no reason:)) and what ever.
2. I cannot talk sense, for continuously more than five minutes. Now no wise cracks saying neither can I write sense, though the author honestly admits that fact too. I prefer bugging a person in person than stick a four inch instrument to my ear. I love to see their irritation and say secretly "gotcha babe/dude, mission accomplished".
3. I have a 'thing' for bold bald men and beer bellied men, preferably old. sheesh.. now that I have said it, I am like whoa.. should I actually be telling this?? but its ok, I am sure some young prince will get instant attraction to my 'honesty' and appreciate the thoughts embedded in these words :)
4. My estrogen starts secreting at the wrong times, and wrong places in front of wrong people. Somehow, I die when I lose a pen or something equally silly but remain a rock when actually someone dies:(:( But that is the way I am, Idiotic as ever :)
5. I am Shenaz-Hussain- hairstyle scared (long for hell-scared) of crossing roads. I never cross it alone, and even if I do, I speak to my mom on phone which doing the act (of crossing the road:P). Just in case I reach hell (remember I am still being truly honest) earlier than other side of the road.
6. I can be elated by small things, say a road side paani puri treat, a greeting card saying you remember, a mail etc. These things will give me more pleasure than getting 10 crores :) Honestly I dont need so much money, because even if I get it, I dunno what next to do with it.
7. If you miss watching Chyna and Stephanie brawling (to ignite the ignorant, Women wrestling) dont worry at all. Come home when me and my sis meet after one month. Amma literally walks out of the house, when we suddenly realise we are famished due to the brawl, and realise further there is no food cooked, and unite against Amma who has committed the crime of temporarily orphaning and starving us.
8. I hate yellow. Be it gold, clothes, wall paints, flowers furniture or what ever, I simply HATE yellow. Given a choice between being with yellow or veerapan (forgetting the fact he has yellow teeth) I ll choose the latter :) Honestly.
9. I love potatoes, form no bar. I can barter a life long supply of potatoes for even Clooney :) I know now two souls will be on cloud nine :)
10.I honestly love my online family. You guys rock.Today and forever.
PS: I tag: Revs, Kartz, Sawan, Vanilla,Jack, Chriz and Matangi :)

Saturday, October 31, 2009

I just have to write because I feel like...

What do I do if I get all these feelings at once? This is the conversation that took place between me and a security personnel, at the gate some few meters in front of our site office:

He: oye oye oye

Me: (used to such calls from sexually starved men, turned a cold shoulder as usual, not to blame them totally as I am the only yin among 2000 yang)

He: hello hello madam..

Me: madam, this word made me go back to him. Yes?

He: aap kahan kaam kar rahen hain? (where do you work).


He: aap ab kahan jaa rahen hain? (where are you going now?)

Me: site office

He; XYZ ka office udhar nahin hain. sach bolo kahan jaa rahi ho? (there s no site office there. tell me the truth as to where you are going).
and here the 'you' changed from plural to singular( this is one point where I love the English language, you dont have to bother whether the person is calling you the singular you or the plural one, it doesnt even matter). This reflected many things like he had an element of doubt regarding my basic character.No, this is not my figment of imagination, there is no circuited reason- I am a Sagittarian, and I cant imagine.Simple as that. I cannot describe the tone with which he asked and sent goose flesh on my skin. I felt so humiliated. Unless you be Me I am sure its tough to feel the magnitude of the issue. But I hope this is making some sense atleast. I mean hope you get the point and intensity of the words uttered by him.I agree, a security personnel's job is to ensure safety to company's property and check everyone's identity. Not talk like a third rated person, who cannot identify the person who's been working at site for a month continuously now. This is not yet another save women rant, never shall i vouch for such feelings, but yeah, I expect people to respect me, as a person, as a human, as an Engineer and at last, as a Woman.I gave a cold look and kept walking saying " get elite, XYZ office has been there for the past one year, unless you have shifted it overnight".
Somehow, I am still disturbed. Why ME?

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Preeti, the serial kisser :x

Christopher. Completed 15 revolutions round the sun. Tall for his age. Elegant Tan. Bright eyes. Porcupine hair. Breathed Maths. Imbibed Physics. Photographic memory. One complex equation he never understood was :how the human mind works. Facial expressions bore no meaning to him. He was a neural controlled network and the terms 'feelings' 'emotions' 'eye-talk' were out of his scope of syllabus. This attracted me to him. He never lied. Though sometimes, he white-lied (hiding certain facts which does not quantify as lies, like when your mom asks "what are you doing?" you in turn respond saying" I am sleeping" which is also true even without the latter part of the sentence disclosing your err..companion(s).. hope the term white-lie is perfectly clear now :P). So where was I? Yeah.. Chris. One sad morning he found his neighbor’s dog dead. Rather killed. With a garden fork. Someone murdering a dog?? rather tweedy. More tweedy was Chris went to the dregs of the issue to find the murderer and suitably punish him (yeah.. he also composed an elegy for the death of the dog).
So its all about how he finds the culprit, discovers someone near to him is actually alive and not dead as believed and portrayed by all, how he travels all alone a 1000 miles in search of someone, how he actually loves someone whom he hated and hates someone whom he loved, how he maintains distant proximity with someone and stuff like that..
Guess its all soupy now.. to make things clear, read THE CUROIUS INCIDENT OF THE DOG IN THE NIGHT TIME by MARK HADDON. Now what has the title got to do with this book review? Well, the author has to attract readers for book reviews till the end na.. So gotcha glued (I hope so). And yeah, I white lied too :). I did kiss the book !!:) Any day, given an option between a good book and sex, Preeti solemnly swears to chose the former (err.. no white lies here :):))

Friday, October 16, 2009

HAPPY DIWALI (atleast) to you :/

CAUTION: Rant ahead , with a footnote of Diwali wish (author shamelessly admits the wish is a formality, just typed out and not from her heart).
So, here I am stuck for Diwali in an alien land, infested with contractor and customer shouting into each ear ( thank god for just two ears), without family, without friends ( just a couple of colleagues who got no other choice but to befriend me as they are also lonely souls out here). No crackers, no amma's food, no meeting sister even after six long months, no seeing he ayyan pattasu ad every fifteen minutes, no temple (no regrets there though) and just having loneliness to accompany my shadow which is also full of empty. Let me talk about one good thing of not being at home for Diwali.. No OIL BATH. I shudder at the very thought of that. I am a proud hydrophobic and it really takes a toll on me to scrub myself oil free and my mother will put so much oil on my cute little head that a whole ravenous bunch of 50 people can fry papads and eat for a month (no exaggeration). There should be some statement in kumudham or anantha vikatan ( amma's bible, though the first rank between the two books keeps swapping, in direct proportion to "true" and "unbelievable" facts in them) that applying hair oil leads to cholesterol or something equally sensible (remember this author always talks sense :)).
And the worst part is when I get a call from L and she says:
L: Hey vetti, so having fun at site na? We software people are so busy and life does not give time to breathe.
Me: L, I am with customer, can I get back?
L: I am free on two days before and after Diwali re.. call me then. Good you are in a public sector. You will get so much time for yourself.
Me(getting so aarrrgghhh like when Mallika Sherawat is asked to wear clothes): Please L, its been ages since I forgot what time means, forget for oneself.
L: Yeah I know you always want for more. Remember what you always say,"man is the peculiar of all, who always wants for what is not".
Me; L, shut the gyan up before I freak out.. chal bye.
L: ok ok nautanki.. buh bye
But she is so busy that she ultimately hangs the phone up only after fifteen minutes, when I have already put the phone in my pocket and doing my work. Dah.. do software people love monologues???
Anyways, cutting the crap and rant, I wish you all a very Happy Diwali :):) Enjoy have fun and dont hog too much.. Remember there's this malnourished kid in Bhilai :(:(:(

Monday, September 21, 2009


Well, had a feel of all sorts of emotions yesterday. As usual, penning them down here, without censoring okie :):)

On an active stroke, I successfully shifted my home yesterday, from A 63 to A 64, though the distance between the two houses is as far as our eyes and ears, it took me four months to do that. Finally, yes, I DID IT !!:) kudos to active preeti :)

On a feel-good stroke, watched dil bole hadippa. Movie is really good if you are a Rani fan. But at some places you go like "eeeeewwwww" when rakhi Sawant pops up. you feel like giving her your handkechief and pray secretly she atleast accepts that. The movie was racy especially after my long list of watch-faltoo-movies-and-throw-250-bucks-in-gutter epidemic.I have fallen for Shahid s hair style and color. He looks awesome. Songs are a bit jarring, but ok. On the whole , GO FOR IT :):) and please dont listen to the News channel morons who give so called correct ratings.

On a pinnacles-of-embarassment stroke, I entered (unknowingly, innocuously, unintentionally) into a GENTS restroom :(:(:(:(. I was actually talking to my friend and kept walking, not realising he was entering into the forbidden zone. And even after entering, my pea sized brain didn realise and was talkin to him animatedly. When three guys who were actually err.. doing the act gave me George Bush to Saddam Hussain looks, I realised where I was. I just slipped a shy sorry, and rafha daffa ho gayi :(:( into the ladies restrom (ahhh.. finally) . Then changed into newly bought clothes so that I am not recognised and convicted. Whew..

On a disgusting stroke, I seriously dunno where we are heading to. At the start of the movie we were asked to stand for the national anthem. Two college so called educated girls said " oh no shit man... why do they do this to us.." I am not all that Gandhi follower or India India type of girl, but come on, get a life girls. You need to maintain certain level of respect for the country and not stoop so much. I agree you have royal arses, but remember it is resting in our country only.

On an appalling stroke, I got a seat in the bus. Yeah it is a big deal because it was 6 30 pm and it was bangalore and it was raining and it was bangalore again.One aged grandpa who had finished his evening namas didn get a seat. I offered my seat to him as he was very aged. The girl next to me , who thinks she is the first cousin of Aishwarya Rai, gave me a look which said "you want me to sit next to him ??". DUH.. sad such people exist.

On a rejuvenating stroke, I played in rains yesterday :) Got fully drenched and experienced bliss by floating paper boats in small puddles. Yeah, am paying for it now, got a nose leak but who cares??? live life to fullest, kya kahen.. kal ho naa ho (err..,. bear with the melodrama, author not to be know how yash chopra films are :))

On a happy happy stroke, am going home today :):) mommie mommie :):)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Some neural block has occurred I guess. Right now am in office staring at my monitor for past two hours with the determination to do nothing at all. Guess I am saturated with MaxDNA PLC concepts, and SSingh ( sheesh.. just now the shocking revelation comes to me that I have never mentioned SSingh, next post on him..rather US). Now before I digress as usual, am gonna brag about my SPORTS DAY.
Well, yeah, though I work in a public sector, though the thought pattern of a few people is tangential to mine, though the number of people I speak to at office is equal to total virtual hair on Syed Keermani’s head., come SPORTS DAY and we became one common name, cutting the barriers of hierarchy and sex. We were BHEL-ISG. For Ladies, the events started with spoon and marble race. Though the game may seem kiddish to many royal b&*tts , it reflects on one’s concentration capacity, time-distance mastery and speed governance. And It is definitely the best game since Her Highness, Preeti S won the third Prize . Was disqualified in throw ball and running race too cam first from the last. There were a bunch of sad people who had imagined their boss behind them and hence they won it hands down. My boss is cool so I was cool too about the race. My mother won a prize in skittles ( snow bowling) and Me again in tug-of-war. Actually there were two teams and unfortunately I was on the team which came second. Even before I could realize the ‘war’ had started, it was all over, since our team was a bunch of malnourished children from Africa and theirs were a bunch of homo sapiens who were definitely first cousins of Big Show(now if you don’t know him, please get elite with WWF).
Tambola was a grand flop for both my unlucky tickets. Nevertheless, The sir who conduct3ed Tambola was a feast to the ears. Flawless language, with well-tailored words, introducing each number as it popped out of the pink plastic container. The impact of “I am a COMPLAN GIRL” blew away the very next day. Pain started burgeoning from name-it-and-I-will-say-it cells of my body. Fitness level is negative, came the comment from my mother, and for once I could not spit back. She threatened me never to get married (yuhuuuuu) if I am so fit for nothing (literally). So Preeti has started feeling guilty, has swept the dregs of lethargy under her doormat and is taking a solemn oath in the virtual presence of her online friends that she will rise with the sun everyday and go for jogging and other fitness freaky stuff, but never shall I cut down on fried food, potatoes and more potatoes :):). NO WISE CRACKS PLEASE :):).

PS: SOMEONE TAG ME :) I feel like doing a tag :):)

Monday, September 7, 2009

by-the-way post ;)

Well, we are the humble people who toil for the country till 4 30 pm on Saturdays also. My weekend starts after that.. no cribbing though. Caught up with my college friend Priya and two others, Aveek and Nitin at Garuda Mall (pallav who was supposed to join us, unfortunately was temporarily dead in his bed, after a hard core lunch of chicken and more chicken and more chicken).
Did a bit of book shopping, got four books (yeah, you are right, lots of book reviews coming up, wait with bated breath okie:)) then went to a place called SCARY HOUSE . Trust me, it lives up to its nomenclature.. Its a five minute tour of a tunnel which bathes you in darkness (err..we smart as%^s tried to use mobile light only to get them snatched by the hanging skeletons and suspended carcasses). Anyways, in a nutshell we came out trembling, sweating and 206-bones-shaken.
Then went to the gaming zone, where we have to purchase coins and play games. We got glued to basket ball. When you score some decent points, you get free tickets, using which you can get gifts ( say huggables or stationery or chocolates, which depends on the number of tickets you got,which again depends on how decent your score is :)). We 'dignified' girls we accompanied by two not-so-ethical guys. This Aveek and Nitin could not play well enough to get many tickets. They chose an easier option of swindling the overflowing tickets of our neighbour players, two small boys. The boys, really didn seem to know the value of the tickets and were engrossed in their game, and by the time they knew, it was too late. Aveek had already exchanged the tickets for his gift.
Me and Priya caught up on a few Tamil movies after eons and danced to the silliest of songs, and finally crashed at two am.
Sunday: In bed till eleven. Breakfast of cornflakes. Lunch prepared by Chefs Prepri (short for preeti and priya, err.. could not get more creative than that) another movie and baskin robbins in the evening.
What more can one want? huh... still suffering from weekend hangover...Mondays suck bigtime :(:(:(

Saturday, September 5, 2009

The forever BULWARKS

Place: City Montessori School, Lucknow
Age: 4-12,
I cry…Amma does not seem to listen…I wail…hoping to make an impact on her…She walks even faster, clutching my satchel and water bottle in one hand and pulling me with the other (I hold the red and blue color snacks box in my hand, since mickey mouse looks at me wit sympathy, or so I feel..)…I squat at the entrance of my class, determined not to leave amma’s palloo. Tr.Ruby rushes up to me and holds me in her arms and later into my place. I keep looking out of the window expecting my amma to return…I just wait… I cant hold the chalk properly…cant sit in one place forever without my mother’s presence…But was in the hands of a good sculptor, who had the forbearance to hone this stone…Who taught me the power withheld in 26 alphabets, continuously fed me with ambrosia of words and taught me to learn along the teaching curve. I will never forget Tr.Ruby’s serenity, unadulterated care and unostentatious love.

Place: Mahatma Gandhi Centenary Vidhyalaya, Trichy
Age : 15, tenth grade
To some people you feel like giving respect, some others command respect, some you hold in awe but there are really a few who make you feel incomplete and wriggly-earthwormish if you don’t respect and you choose to hold them in awe and reverence.
Tr.Mary - She is THE lady for English language. The language respects her too, am sure. She injected grammar into me, she made me fall in love with books. I don’t really have words to express what she really is. She will read the riot act if you fall out of step, so we got to be watchful every single second, a perfectionist. All I can say is, I respect her as much I respect P G Wodehouse. She gives a book to everyone who gets above 85% in the board exams in her paper. I got 86%. And THAT was my first achievement in my life. David Copperfield-from The Lady herself, bathed in bliss. She was a success as she never worked for notes, even at 65, she radiates vigour and has attained a supreme level in the art of teaching, blessed only to a few.

Age: 15-17, twelfth grade.
David Sir- The zealot. The foodie. The man for Physics, who made me feel ‘something’ from the usual feeling I had- a pebble on the sand being continuously teased and bullied by the mighty waves…He taught me to admire the electrons, tiny things whose motion rules the world, laugh at the bulky protons, visualize the inter spacing crystal lattice like the array of laddoos in a sweet shop, van de graff generator as a barber combing hair before chopping it off and the list goes on.. Sir, Thank you so much, you have enriched my life with a brighter shine.

Age: 17-21, SSN college of Engineering, Chennai
Ramesh Sir and Senthil Sir- these are a pair of absolutely contrasting personalities, poles asunder. Best buddies as they joined college the same time as our batch. One, who searches for something in everything, while the other who vouches for nothing in everything. One who is an upright opportunist, the other, well, troublesome opportunist. One who avoids problems, other who avoids everything which does not have problems. Both these men are simply remarkable and will rush to my help and support always. I have bunked classes to take philosophy lectures from Senthil sir and believe me, there is not one dark unexplored area by him, ranging from computers to hard core electrical, movies to sports, osho to Sidney Sheldon, alpha to omega. He keeps raising the bar for us without our knowledge and we obey him, loyally.

When I finished college and stepped into professional world, got intimidated by many saying that knowledge sharing will be like rains in TamilNadu. Rare and precious. True. It was precious, but never rare. I have never once hesitated to approach my boss, or even her boss for technical guidance. I have asked relentlessly silly questions for which the answers came without any issues, at the cost of their time. Ever grateful to Bindu Mam, NPK Sir, MKM Sir and Subramanian Sir. A special mention about Natarajan Sir. Next to David Sir, he has been my inspiration and pushing factor to redefine horizons.

You truly and deeply mean a lot to me. Show me light forever.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

a little too mad over you...

now.. time for some ...ahem.... quality romance... Now if you are thinking I am gonna write about romance here, I am sorry you still dont know me too well :) I got a forward mail that I am taking the trouble to copy and paste here.So that some romance rubs onto us too :) these stories were really ne plus ultra.. So read on and happie romancing :):)

************ ********* ****** Story 1 ************ ********* ******
Girl and a boy were on a motorcycle, speeding through the night.They loved each other a lot.....
Girl:"slow down a little.. I'm scared.."
Boy: "No, it's so fun.."
Girl: "'s so scary.."
Boy: "Then say that you love me.."
Girl: "Fine..I love you..can you slow down now?"
Boy: "Give me a big hug.."
The girl gave him a big hug.
Girl: "Now can you slow down?"
Boy: "Can you take off my helmet and put it on? It's uncomfortable and it's bothering me while i ride."
The next day, there was a story in the newspaper. A motorcycle had crashed into a building because its brakes were broken. There were two people on the motorcycle, of which one died, and the other had survived...The guy knew that the brakes were broken. He didn't want to let the girl know,because he knew that the girl would have gotten scared. Instead, he was toldthe last time that she loved him,got a hug from her, put his helmet on her so that she can live, and die himself...Once in a while, Right in the middle of an ordinary life, Love gives us a fairy tale...
Message "Life consists not in holding good cards but in playingthose you hold well"
************ ********* ****** Story 2 ************ ********* ******
It was a busy morning, approximately 8:30 am ,when an elderly gentleman, in his 80's, presented to have sutures(stitches) removed from his thumb.He stated that he was in a hurry as he had an appointment at 9:00 am . I(nurse) took his vital signs and had him take a seat,knowing it would be over an hour before someone would to able to see him.I saw him looking at his watch and decided,since I was not busy with another patient, I would evaluate his wound.On exam it was well healed, so I talked to one of the doctors, got the needed supplies to remove his sutures and redress his wound.While taking care of his wound, we began to engage in conversation.Asked him if he had a doctor's appointment this morning somewhere else, as he was in such a hurry. The gentleman told me no,that he needed to go to the nursing home to eat breakfast with his wife.I then inquired as to her health. He told me that she had been there for a while and that she was a victim of Alzheimer Disease.As we talked, and I finished dressing his wound,I asked if she would be worried if he was a bit late. He replied that she no longer knew who he was, that she had not recognized him in five years now.I was surprised, and asked him. "And you are still going every morning, even though she doesn't know who you are?" He smiled as he patted my hand and said. "She doesn't know me, but I still know who she is."I had to hold back tears as he left, I had goose bumps on my arm, and thought, "That is the kind of love I want in my life."
Message :True love is neither physical, nor romantic. True love is an acceptance of all that is, has been, will be, and will not be.
************ ********* ****** STORY 3*********** ********* ****
From the very beginning, girl's family objected strongly on her dating this guy, saying that it has got to do with family background, & that the girl will have to suffer for the rest of her life if she were to be with him.Due to family's pressure, the couple quarreled very often. Though the girl loved the guy deeply, she always asked him: "How deep is your love for me?" As the guy is not good with his words, this often caused the girl to be very upset. With that & the family's pressure, the girl often vents her anger on him. As for him, he only endured it in silence.After a couple of years, the guy finally graduated & decided to further his studies overseas. Before leaving, he proposed to the girl:"I'm not very good with words. But all I know is that I love you.If you allow me, I will take care of you for the rest of my life. As for your family, I'll try my best to talk them round. Will you marryme?" The girl agreed, & with the guy's determination, the family finally gave in & agreed to let them get married. So before he left, they got engaged. The girl went out to the working society, whereas the guy was overseas, continuing his studies. They sent their love through emails & phone calls. Though it was hard, but both never thought of giving up.One day, while the girl was on her way to work, she was knocked down by a car that lost control. when she woke up, she saw her parents beside her bed. She realized that she was badly injured. Seeing her mum crying, she wanted to comfort her. But she realized that all that could come out of her mouth was just a sigh. she had lost her voice....The doctor says that the impact on her brain has caused her to lose her voice. Listening to her parents' comfort, but with nothing coming out from her, she broke down. During the stay in hospital,besides silence cry,'s still just silence cry that accompanied her.Upon reaching home, everything seems to be the same. Except for the ringing tone of the phone. Which pierced into her heart every time it rang.She does not wish to let the guy know & not wanting to be a burden to him, she wrote a letter to him saying that she does not wish to wait any longer.With that, she sent the ring back to him. In return, the guy sent millions & millions of reply, countless phone calls,. . all the girl could do, besides crying, is still crying.... The parents decided to move away, hoping that she could eventually forget everything & be happy.With a new environment, the girl learns sign language & started a new life. Telling herself everyday that she must forget the guy. One day, her friend came & told her that he's back. She asked her friend not to let him know what happened to her. Since then, there wasn't news of him.A year has passed & her friend came with an envelope, containing an invitation card for the guy's wedding. The girl was shattered. When she open the letter, she saw her name in it instead. When she was about to ask her friend what's going on, she saw the guy standing in front of her.He used sign language to tell her "I've spent a year to learn sign language. Just to let you know that I've not forgotten our promise.Let me have the chance to be your voice. I Love You." With that, he slipped the ring back into her finger. The girl finally smiled.Treat every relationship as if it's the last one, then you'll know how to Give. Treat every moment as is it's the last day, then you'll know how to treasure.Treasure what you have right now, or else you will regret one day..

Friday, August 14, 2009

wow wow wow :)

Hey dudes and dudettes and more dudes :), I am now living in Corfu, a small island near England. Homo Sapiens are a rare commodity here. Feeling really out of place. All that I can see here are peasants and their families. Olives are a major cultivation here. You know what?? There is no concept of a 'bathroom', everything is mingled with nature.. I have grown accustomed to that too and dont feel conscious when a lizard, or a scorpion or a spider er.. checks me out.
My fauna friends here are Quasimodo, a very naughty pigeon, a pair of tortoises ( I call them achilles and acillio) who are so close to me that they give me permission when they are in physical confluence, A scorpion ( my mom does not like her much because she keeps spilling her hard laid eggs all over our dining table) two water snakes ( my sister really minds them taking bath with her, dunno whats the big deal.. I cant let my snakes get a heat stroke). And when ever I get a new species, I rush to Theodore (my scientist friend) who has given me a microscope and we rush in the fields and get excited over new fauna every time and again.
I have learnt to befriend sea-gulls too. When I once went boating, an escaped convict had a gull with him. He wanted me to have his Alecko (sea-gull) because he was turning out to be a nightmare and keeps coming back to him for food, and the convict was finding it increasingly difficult to give the police a slip with a hungry whining gull. When I bought that home, Mom and sister mistook it to be an albatross and wanted me to dispose it off soon. An Albatross, for the ignorant, is supposed to bring very bad luck to the family (remember the high school poem Rime Of The Ancient Mariner???).
Now to flora. Did you know there arises conflicts between flowers too??? Daisy family is really very arrogant and are usually clustered. One day, I put a single red rose in a vase full of white daisies. The rose was about to breath her last, when I sprinkled some aspirin water on her and put her in a separate place. Whew... Daisies should learn to behave themselves.
Now, Hang on..I hear my cell phone beep.. But there are no cell phones here at corfu..oh my god... I just come to the shocking realisation that the book MY FAMILY AND OTHER ANIMALS by Gerald Durrell Has actually transported me to Corfu.
So take this as an Independence Day advice and grab the book soon,.. else you know me, Preeti Bites :):)
JAI HIND :):):)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A dead letter...

Dedication: this post is dedicated to Keshi, whose post inspired me to write along these lines . I have written this post in five mins, truly madly deeply from my heart :)

Dear Amma,
Can you believe it? I really cant..It all happened too fast. But please don’t cry. Every time you do, I bite your plump pink nose and make you laugh. No one else can do that anymore. And don’t you dare give my patent of nose-biting or ear-holding and sleeping to anyone. You really mean a lot to me. My last wish- DO NOT BURN me.. what if it hurts? I have been always scared of fire and what will happen to me after death..You bury me (please for once be an iconoclast against your father-in-law,remember it is my last wish). I need to be dressed in my favorite black Reebok t-shirt I am wearing since 12th grade, and my floral shorts J. Please bath me in Nike deo (in case I sweat,err..forgot dead don’t sweat,anyways..).No flowers on the coffin please.. I want chocolates instead. And entry to my funeral is restricted strictly to you, appa, priya and friends. I don’t want people who shed crocodile tears to come. I want who loved my craziness, knew my insanity, touched my heart and who will miss me now on..
I have never had any dark/hidden part in my life from you. But there are a few petty things that I want you to know now, even though it doesn’t matter anymore. Your daughter is not a teetotaler as you think her to be. I have tasted beer once and had a puff once. I tell ya, didn have to inclination to do again since the taste was even more horrible than the sambhar I cook :). I had a crush on the cute little paper boy who comes to our home everyday. I always secretly wished I were a few years younger or he were a few years older.. I even had … er… not-so-printable fantasies with him.
I have always secretly hid my earrings and told you they are lost. I don’t like earrings ma. Don’t forget to remove them before my burial.
DO NOT donate or dispose my tissues that my friends write every time after a hangout, or the letter my childhood friend Viju’s written, or my book collection or my old slippers/shoes.. I know they litter my room, but now no problem since you’ll have to arrange them only once J
DO NOT wear that dark green Saree with pink border. You look too old.. Remember though you crossed forty you are still hot and sexy??:)
Incase you feel bored just gimme a tinkle… I will let you know my blue abode’s number soon. Chal gotta rush.. I have a dinner date with Krish, I am nervous.. But I know..I ll become his favorite gopika sooner or later.
Eternal Preetu

PS: I love you.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


hey all you people out there...
wishing all you dudes and dudettes a very very happie friendship day :):) it feels good to have so many of you always to share my er... bakwaas and more bakwaas and moree..
right now I am in chennai ( I looooveeee chennai ) having a great great time with friends( err.. I am on Sick leave according to my boss, he reads this blog, but anyways, happie friendship day to you too sir :))
more abt friends and chennai and more friends in my next post :)

HAPPIE FRIENDSHIP DAY AGAIN :) needless to say, you all mean really a lot to me :):)
cheers :):)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

AND the most charming personality award goes to...

Some 25 years down the memory lane...
Amma: Hey Meena, listen up... No need to go to office today. Get out of this salwar, Wear a saree and get lookable soon.
Meena: what's the dealio amma? why creating such a fuss all of a sudden? and I have an important meeting today. I cant take an off.
Amma: please do as I say.. Groom's people will be here in no time. Wont look good if they catch us argueing over nothing like this. ANyway, you are still not a baby, its high time I got you married.. You are twenty there.. the right age and marriage package for a girl. Now come on dont waste time dear.
Meena: Amma, I am not yet mentally prepared for the bondage, restrictions, family and of course sex. I need time amma.
Amma: Do you have someone else in mind dear? Do tell me frankly and boldly. Your choice will further lessen my tension adn responsibilities. I know, my daughter would have chosen the best of best for her guy.
Meena: amma, nothing like that. I have no time nor inclination towards love marriage. You mean the world to me and I know you will make the best choice for me.
Amma: then let today be the red letter day. Come dear, get ready.

Meena got ready, thinking to herself today is THE day for her. She made a mental note of questions to ask the groom and answers for imaginary questions. She decided not to wear any make up, as she was radiating beauty from within. She wanted her better half to sense this and like her for the Meena she is. She wore a simple rangachari cotton saree,deep maroon bordered with mustard yellow. She gave birth to beads of perspiration, the cause of which being trepidition, uncertainity and anticipation.She took deep breaths took the plate of snacks and filter coffee for Vikram, his parents and Vikram's brother in law. Vikram was a shy guy too and was just stealing looks at Meena when no one else noticed.He realised she is a fantasy, a reality, personification of perfection, beauty and power. She is the warrior in times of gloom and uncertainity. She is the absymal source of unadultereated love and comfort.She is the paradigm of womanhood. Meena however wanted to have a little chat with Vikram, alone. The parents agreed and they went out for a walk, a walk to remember..
Vikram: I am Vikram, Metallurgist from REC trichy. I like to play bridge and squash.I secretly have watched not-so-family types movies, I no longer do. I do not have any girfriends, but I do accept I had a crush on my only girl class mate, Suganthi. I do not drink but smoke rarely. I love my parents and my sister, now I love you.WIll you be mine forever?

Meena was a mixture of abashment, reverance and bliss by these frank confessions by a total stranger. She felt she could live her life fully, from the bottom of her heart if they get married. She felt the closeness and feeling of immense security creeping in.She gave her approval with a simple nod and a shy smile.They got married...Got two daughters.. One of whom never believes in love at all (forget love-at-first-sight), but still respects and cherishes their bond. That One is truly grateful to Vikram for choosing such a wonderful girl.. Who is my mother who rose along with the sun today,her birthday.. All I can say is , I am the most luckiest girl on earth to have her as my besttttt friend, my love , my life :):) Meena, you rock :). Happy birthday :)err.. dont we look great???

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Better read this mateys:):)

One of the best things you can find under my work table is the angelic abode of mosquitoes. Second best thing is they love me so much that they accompany me all the way home, to my bed, wash room and err.. well.. everywhere okay.. I really hate the dark skin of the night peeling off so soon every morning, but nowadays it really does’t matter since it is Preeti who wakes up the sleeping sun. I really don’t mind the mosquito bites I don’t feel anything ( yeah.. my skin is like George Bush, immune to everything and good for nothing J). I get rocked out of my beauty sleep when Mr Mosquito comes up to my ear and buzzes, “ Hey buddy , your veggie man chow soup tastes great!!, thanks for the wonderful dinner treat, see you tomorrow J”
Now I can hear you say this female is acting as though she is the sole sufferer of mosquito menace. That is exactly what I wish to say now ( ha.. finally !!). When we can “serve” mosquitoes without a choice, why cant we choose to “serve” humanity? Or have you always wanted to help and never knew whom what how when where thingies???

Click here for details about a wonderful community of youngsters, who provide sponsorship and mentor ship guidance for needy children. A mentor is one who needs to visit the child for just six hours a month ( location of child to be mentored will be near your home), take photo copies of mark sheets, give educational guidance and also moral support.
A sponsor needs to take care of the financial commitments of the child pertaining to education. A mentor is not advised to give money.
Best thing we can give them is what we claim not to have ever-size-zero: TIME, which needs to be given birth and streamlined, wholly having the leash in our hands:)
So, on your mark, get set, go :):)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

mixture of emotions...

1. I am forcing myself to blog because I Feel the wind knocked out of me. My friend's father breathed his last. I am so cut off from people and civil life that I forgot to give her my new mobile number and didn check her mail to me also. Got to know the news after a week. Bathed in guilt as I could not be with her when she needed me. Padma, Please forgive me. Uncle means a lot to us. Sincerely praying for his soul to rest in peace.

2. Is it really possible to get so close to people that getting apart from them literally bleeds your heart? Knowing fully well we are not destined to be together forever since the only similarity being different paths? Sometimes, companionship does hurt a lot and solitude mocks at your face saying she won finally and that you ultimately run towards her. All that is left with you are a few wet tissues, sleepless nights and eternal memories.

3. On the sunny side up, I saved a fish the other day. I was hanging clothes outside and thanks to the continual showers that our cricket ground now became the abode of myriad aquatics. I saw a fish struggle for life inside our compound floor and despite her thorns and her slippery self, put her back home. Rightly said, big things come in small packages.
4. Mr Fate brings you so much happiness that you dread the next moment. I was hunting for a book like crazy sometime back and casually told my two friends am yet to find it. One of them got it through e-bay and the other got it couriered from some corner in Mumbai. Though its a book, the emotions linked are priceless and I am left with so much goodness to know people care so much.

5. Missing my sister very very much. She is in a boarding school and allowed only one phone call a week which she uses to speak to amma. When some week she calls me instead of amma, I am stuck up with my boss or with customers. What life is this when you cant devote meagre time who mean the world to you? I sometimes sit and ask myself if I am doing justice to the people around me... Yet to find an answer.

6. Sometimes, I lie to my heart. I choose to be happy, I choose to close my eyes to the paranoid things around, I choose to sleep when I am supposed to act, I choose to stay passive when am expected to guide, I choose to say 'time will heal' when I know 'now' is also time.

7. There rages a war between professional and emotional decisions. Again, I leave the call to time without much brooding.
8. Keshi, sorry for missing your Birthday. Hope you understand. XOXO. Wishing you the best of best ever in life. Smiles and cheers always :)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


SHE was the most wanted..
SHE was unexpected..
SHE had the brilliant combination of power force and energy..
SHE was beauty..
SHE was a feast to the parched sockets..
SHE was transient..
SHE was the Dust Storm...
I am happy to live now after just tasting deep sleep, it hit our office, removed our roof, but still, we live.. LIFE, I LIVE YOU :):)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

travel travails

SO now in Bhilai, back to my non-cozy cocoon :(:( no, this aint another Bhilai this- Bhilai that rant of mine .. 
Though the true spice of India lies in travelling by second sleeper, thinking of the following reasons thwarts the thought:

1. 1500 kms in second sleeper means irritation due to wailing babies around, frustration due to a young couple doing ahem... wat eva :), helplessness when an old uncle speaks non stop on familiar topics like shares, politics and embarrassment when he asks me my favorite topic and I reply Food :(:( 

2. Company pays for 2nd AC , so why hurt our finance dept by turning down their offer ???

3. Exponential increase of temperature from Bangalore to Bhilai :)

4. Plug point ( though half the time not working ones) to charge mobile so that my boyfriend does not miss me :P

We had to take two trains, from Bangy-Nagpur and Nagpur to Durg.. Bangy to Nagpur was heaven travel.. These railway people did not have place in their stupid train from Nagpur-Durg for two hot and sexy girls :( So we had to take an open ticket and catch hold of TT to get some place to rest our tired ass which had travelled for one day already. The conversation bet my friend Nan and the TT :

Nan: Sir, we had booked our tickets thru internet.. It came to WL 4 and 5 and got cancelled.. We now have purchased a general ticket. can you arrange for some place in sleeper atleast.. even one seat would do (she s a poor disillusioned girl, thinkin both of us are size zero, but didn dare tell her anythin then, lest I should be roasted alive )

TT:yeh jo baajoo mein khade hain unka waiting 33 hai. maine unko mana kar diya. (roughly meaning the man here has waiting 33.. i refused him a seat, the inter-circuital meaning being, he needs money from us, more than what that man could offer)

Nan: teek hai sir, daal dijiye (and groped in her wallet for notes).

TT: 500+172 (172 being actual ticket fare..

She pays the price and we load ourselves and our luggage in the crystal latticed space available. Only to realise it was the TT s seat and his suitcase occupying half the seat allotted to us (side lower) and the guy opposite us giving us errr ahem  bad looks (yeah.. I know his hormones are perfectly functional, so no issues there :)) 

The fried rice aroma packed tempts us to eat, but the you-know-wat smell tempts us to never touch food for next ten days.. Finally we reach home at twelve, stinking, sweating, thirsty, hungry to find out there s a power failure and water supply gone too :( This is how Preeti is treated when she herself feels like taking a look at water, never given a chance to being non hydrophobic :(:(
Rest in next guys and girls :):) Cheers till then :):)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I remember getting down at school with her in the cycle rickshaw just before prayer bell...

I remember her smile from the heart, which has the magnetic attraction to brighten up anyone's grumpy mood...

I remember teaching her Physics light and sound problems just before the exams...

I remember her giving her time and space for me always...

I remember her kiddo bro, who used to come rushing at her at the four thirty bell, perhaps the only soul who loved her..

I remember her puking blood one day...

I remember her last brave smile...

God has perhaps made a sensible choice to give her permanent peace away from the turbulent domestic life she lived...

Yet, thinking of her, a silent tear drops down my cheeks, thinking of the positivity she radiated despite her problems, the attitude she lived with, seeking no solace in the cowardly covers of sympathy. Sometimes life becomes so so hard on you and reality slaps across your face left-right-left, not giving you time to accept things the way they are. Not able to face the truth, hiding in the cozy cacoon of non-veracity, hoping for some improbable miracle. Hoping you were in some other place. Hoping you never knew the person so close, and hoping the emotional shackles will break away soon, not affecting you with unfathomable grief. Feel like writing no more.Sheela, will ever be yours. Still, I wish I had a time-turner.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sacred Space- The Garden

For the Garden of your daily living

Plant three rows of peas:
1. Peace of mind
2. Peace of heart
3. Peace of soul

Plant four rows of squash:
1. Squash gossip
2. Squash indifference
3. Squash grumbling
4. Squash selfishness

Plant four rows of lettuce (let us):
1. Lettuce be faithful
2.Lettuce be kind
3. Lettuce spread love

No garden is without turnips (turn-ups):
1.Turnip for meetings
2.Turnip to protest injustice
3.Turnip to help others

And in our garden we must have enough Thyme (time):
1. Thyme for each other
2.Thyme for family and friends
3.Thyme for oneself

Water freely with forbearance and see the fruits of your garden, what you reap is what you sow.
PS: No doubt, you are eading this in Preeti's blog.. something hatke.. but hope you appreciatemy meek yet sincere attempt. Cheers :)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I have been given this cute blogger award by Hemz *clap clap clap* .. I gotta write ten 'cute' stuff about me sigh.. it is tough, so will write ten thoughts on my mind right now instead, hugs if you find anything cute:), chale chalo, read on..

Yes, no doubt IPL glamour dolls have the best of b&*bs, best shakes of arses, best hip jerks, who obediently oblige to the horizontal and vertical hand jobs of the umpire err.. was talking about 4s and 6s..please have some thought purity:P but why come into my godly game and pollute it?? Agreed, they cheer, they attract leers, but dont they also distract the poor players? They are the culprits for my team Rajasthan Royals to lose three matches in a row.. I saw my Warne sneaking looks at the hotties. I saw Yusuf Pathan getting out ogling at their..hmm.. wateva.. I saw Kamran Khan giving too many loose deliveries losing control over himself..But I dont blame them. I am happy they have perfectly funtional genitals :P .Now picture this: what you would rather do between studying for a hopeless maths exam the only hope being to plead nerd Gita to sit in front of you and watching Bips dance to luckkky boy... you are my luucckky boy.. fantasising you to be her lucky boy of course if you are straight!!:)...And Mandira, I HATE YOU.Learn first that there are 11 players to a team and the same team cant do both batting and fielding at once Mandira. hmph..*hot air outta ears*
Well, who does not love people who are gutsy huh? My ideal courageous person is one who has the guts to FART in public *sheesh, did I hear anyone say this lady needs a big time break?* with full woofer sound effects, and not have even an iota of embarassment after that.. See, its so simple to woo Preeti.. Keep farting !!:) Chriz, hope you are okay now :P

While we were in Goa, I had a crush on Francis.. In my fourth Grade... I will never forgive my father for making me a helpless nerd then.. Maths exam.. Francis was absolutely a normal kid, getting sexy sized zeroes everytime in Math.. So he came up to me and asked "Preetu (ah, that is how my Francis used to call me..)can you pass on your answer sheet a bit? I swear I'll do anything for you, diary milk okay?" Poor Preeti is torn between father's advice on not copying or let being copied and turns her poor heart stone cold and says to him,"Sorry, I wont show you anything".. Poor Francis walks away... to whom?? Gita of course :(:( remember the nerd in point one right??? SIGH... To Francis- I dont listen to my father anymore when its Math, I am still waiting for you, and err.. am sure am hotter and sexier than your Gita.. Come to me and mend my heart...and yeah.. I still make paper boats , i know you still do that too :):)

I never really recovered after my love failure in fourth grade.. grew up to be a tomboy and played kabaddi, lagori etc with street boys. Amma tried telling me "God will rip your ears at night if you behave like a boy" I simply replied saying " I dont like ear rings... good if god does that :)" And even now I am in a hopeless gang of guys where I spend my time checking out chicks for them when in Garuda Mall or MG Road.. I just hope I remain straight !!:)

I guess I swallowed skaters when a kid.I keep falling down every now and then. The worst part being I laugh my ass out loud. And the crowd which gathers round me to make sure my bones are intact err.. by the way do we have bones on our ass?..ewww.. chuck it:) and when they see me laughing, they get thoughts of calling both the mental asylum and the ambulance at once.. thinking I have gone cuckoo outta pain due to the fall.. But I will keep falling.. WHY? Of course hoping Francis will carry me one day.. duh, I know am a disillusioned bollywood movie buff :(

One day, Hukimi comes to me and says her boyfriend has cheated her, and she cries her heart out to me. She also says she thinks he slept with her best friend Guyiji. I say " Sorry Hukimi, you are thoroughly mistaken, he did not sleep with Guyiji, dont ever think of him that way, I saw him sleeping with Firaadi", SLAM.. Hukimi walks outta the room.. Sigh why is it wrong to say the right things at the wrong moment? Preeti, tu kab sudharegi :(:( , Err.. Hukimi, in case you are reading this , I am so sorry for you, please come back to me.. of course with my new box of tissues that you took away the other day, I gotta running nose..

I dont like plump aunties pulling my cheeks and saying,"kanna unakku thaan next kalyaanum" (roughly meaning you are going to get the license to sex next..) or some other aunty saying I have grown approx .98765678 kg fatter or some other aunty saying my dress is not very traditional or another aunty saying I dont exactly look like my mother but an escaped orangutan from the grasslands of the Savannah ... Sigh Aunties, I hate you all....hmph

If being professional means not eating road side paani puri with the sluuuurrrrp sound of the extra paani, not eating gola (ice without cream and just syrup on a stick) spreading the syrup all over my lovely uniform, not licking the diary milk wrappers, not splashing out water from a puddle formed due to previous night rains outside my control room, then yes, Preeti is NOT A PROFESSIONAL AND SHE IS PROUD OF IT :)
I dont mind if you say I have been sleeping with Clooney or Johnie, but please dont link me up with people who are truly in love with someone else, who are about to get engaged, who are married, who are married and have kids, who are married and have kids and have kids of kids :):) And gotta problem with me.. Be a MAN or a WOMAN, come to me directly dont go about carrying tales and be a two faced bitch!! I am one too :)

You girls and guys have no idea how much this blogger world means to me. err.. guess this is the first sensible thing so far here :) Will try to be frequent as before. Till my next scribbling, sayonaara !!:)

Thanks again Hemz..

Sunday, April 26, 2009

These memories will last... an eternity...

A string of fond indelible memories sharing with my online family...

age 1: Hot sultry Sunday afternoon. I am sitting on the dining table, playing with the mixer, containing green and white coloured chutney. Amma asks my cousin to look after me for a while. I wanna get down to the floor as I see my little cousin brother playing with my toy car. My cousin very very dedicated to my amma's words does not let me down. I smear my cousin's eyes with the chutney and jump down the table.

Amma runs barefoot to the doctor, with me crying uncontrollably in her arms, four stitches on my forehead , still visible. She taught me that the most powerful weapon on earth is a mother's pure unadulterated love for the child.

age 4: Me standing outside sandhi fancy stores, Mylapore, Chennai.. Getting attracted to a red and blue water bottle. I ask amma to get it for me that very instant. She refuses. I throw a tantrum.. she does not budge and walks away from the shop. I try going higher in pitch, hoping that would make her retrace her steps, I fail miserably and run behind her , finally catching her palloo. There she taught me, persistence and force does not always win..

age 6: This was when my sister was born. And its pretty natural to feel avoided and possessive over amma. I bite my hand with my own teeth and tell amma showing the teeth imprints that she did it. Amma knew it was me, but used to chide my sister, who did not even learn to walk properly and tell me I should be her best friend in all walks of life, be her guiding star always and love her. She taught me to love, truly from the heart, may it be for five minutes or fifty years, she taught me to love, without being ostentatious, without expectations, since expectations is always proportional to frustration.

age 12: Goa. Heavy vernal showers. Appa's office is 2km further down my school. My school at 8 and so is his office. Not one day has he dropped me in his car, though we start at the same time. I used to make holes in my raincoat and try to trigger sympathy waves but to no avail. Maximum he did was get me fresh raincoats every month. It was a three km walk from home. But now, I do not regret. He taught me reality is perennial, luxury is short lived

age14: Appa told me stories of Dasaratha and other mythological stuff.. I asked him when Dasaratha could have four wives, why cant you? That was the day he realised, I was born an iconoclast, and never thrust religion upon me, to date.
Its been my wish to be agnostic and they have never meddled with my feelings. He fed me with books, made me drink good music, experiment with physics and nature, and taught me until you burn your fingers, you never know what heat is.

age 15: Pre board exams. CBSE social science paper. It gave me jitters and nightmares. Never remembered dates, names places and tenures of Pres and PM. Stayed up all night and amma stayed up with me too, saying she aint sleepy, and kept giving me fresh filter coffee every two hours. She is the world's best mom whose care binds me to her forever.

age 18: Who said we cannot share certain things with mom? This is when I started discussing most datable guys, looks, crushes and err.. sex too. This is when she taught me: frankness forms the basis of any true bond.

age 22: Here I am now, on my amma's lap,.

feeling the freshness and tranquility of heaven, thinking of all these memories,thinking of my parents, as to how two perfectly contrasting characters can live so happily together.. They fell in love after marriage,which was coincidentally on Feb 14, even today, appa and amma go out on candle light dinner, go on a long drive, appa cooks at home on Sundays and falls ill when amma goes out of station They are a paradigm of a perfect couple, who drown their differences in the ocean of ceaseless love.Slowly I close my eyes, to the music of her bangles, when her hand caresses my hair fondly.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

I, Me ,Myself :)

I have been tagged by twisted elegance ages ago . Here I go finally...

I am: Preeti Subramanian. (initial hopefully will change after three years:))

I think: (of) nothing. Very dificult to put virtual brains at work, Why disturb it?
I know: I am straight!!
I want: nothing, got everything

I have: sexy eyes and lips, beautiful bum length hair, Bips looking figure :)

I wish: you all the best in life for still reading this ;)

I hate: roaches and mosquitoes

I miss: my 11th grade English madam. gawd, she was a hottie :)
I fear: darkness

I hear: kausalya supraja what ever from next door maami (sigh this maami menace!!)

I smell: (virtually) virgin mud smell, when the first drops of rain make passionate love with mud. Simply the best smell ever.

I crave: for peace everywhere.

I search: for a proper dress (top, bottom dupatta together of the same piece) every morn.

I wonder: why I am Preeti and not someone else, though I am my favorite.

I regret: taking up this tag !!(sigh, kidding, just that there are too many I ams and so little about me :))

I love: chocolates, sleep and err.. sex :):)

I ache: when I see my own blood (never have the courage to see someone else's)

I know I was not: perfect :)

I am not: a girl!!

I cry: to attract attention rarely :)
I believe: in illusion, instincts and impulse.

I dance: Preeti can dance saala, anywhere everywhere, justhat i need to get started :)
I sing: in my bathroom

I read: right now, A hungry tide, Amitav Ghosh

I don't always: avoid problems, I rather plunge into it and put a period.

I fight: with my sister who is equally hopeless :)

I write: here :)
I win: love and trust easily
I lose: patience and temper easily
I never: say never again, ever ready Preeti (for non-objectionable things)

I always: hug my scabby and sleep (err.. atleast till such time I catch hold of someone sleepworthy)

I confuse: others

I can usually be found: suffering from insanity

I am scared: of solitude

I need: nothing, have everything :)

I am happy: always :):)

I tag : anyone who is interested :)