Sunday, January 31, 2010

a click-click post :):)

Well, Sunday morning. Wanna blog. But too lazy to write anything. So thought would rather share a few snaps over trekking done at MM Hills in Bangalore and accessories :)

craziness comes free with Preeti :)

Me Mohan and Vishnu discussing about Saitans inside Tanjore Brihadeeswara temple. Trust me, I could not sleep that night. Guess Mr. Shiva got angry as we were bifocal:/ and took revenge on the Ms.Innocent.

The rock band with their leader:)

Me and Priya before the 23 km jungle trek, as fresh as lilies :)

The mystery trail starts off:)

the lady with the gun..

a curvaceous structure

Mohan's best pal;)

the forests...

A police officer was killed brutally by Veerapan, the sandalwood smuggler. In front of His memorial. Two years later, Veerapan was shot at a nearby spot.

Sashi Sir, our team leader, trying to show us a parakeet. The novices look on..

mammoth potties of the mammoth:)

The team of ten... At the end of a long day...

MM Hills is 230 km from Bangalore, towards Hogenakkal. Since it is a jungle trek, permission from the forest officials is necessary, not a big deal to get though. We started trekking at 9 45 am and could find deers and elephants. Ideal start time is 7 am. 23 km. four hour trek. Then food and much needed rest at a cottage. Start at 5 pm to reach Bangalore by 11 or 12. This place is an ideal break for people who work on Saturdays and need to get some lazy bones moving on a Sunday.. My rating 4/5 :):)


MultiMenon said...

Those were amazing pics preetso.. :) lol at the mammoth pic.. :P

U look awesome in the pics.Btw,u caught up wid Mr.Veerappan's ghost?? :O


Jack said...


I was away for some time due to shifting of house. Finally caught up with pending posts. Congratulations on becoming full fledged ENGINEER. Enjoyed Jumbili episodes. I will try to read the recommended book. I felt as if I was part of team for trek.

Take care

PS : I am guilty of not taking up your tag yet, will do so in a few days now.

Hemanth Potluri said...

preetz rocks :)...u look cute in the pics preeti :) usual u had a rocking trip and yeah u look fresh as lily even after the trip :)..


raman said...

The best snap of the lot is of Vishnu in an angavastram....He definitely has got dress sense.....

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

nice pics hey !

vanilla sky said...

Omg! The first pic really scary !!

preeti said...

yup bro :0 I showed his ghost the first pic out here.. he/it got shit scared :P

Thanks for visiting Jack. Hope you are well settled at your new home. Thanks for catching up with all my previous posts.. It is a great feeling to be respected :)

Thanks a bunch Henmz.. HUGS to Lucky :):)

@raman sir
no doubt sir :)

thanks buddy :)

mu ha ha ha ha ... gotcha babe :):)

Sree said...

Lady with the gun would make even Veerappan run!! :P