Saturday, February 28, 2009

Jai Hanuman :)

I am in Bhilai now or next three months :( this is 30 years behind civilisation. And I work from 8 am to 10 pm on all seven days ( I thank god for having just seven days a week :)). But am enjoying this hectic life :) Lots of fun while learning new stuff and exploring (err.. no pun intended :)). I just stole in sometime to share something really funny ( to me ) to chip in here.

Bangalore. Preeti's in her sexy bed under her sexy blanket... Sunday morning (off on sundays in bangalore ). She wakes up leisurely at ten and decides with great dilemma to brush, keeping her cell phone on table. GUess who visits her? Hanuman incarnate himself. Mr Bandhar shakes his sexy curves and enters through the broken window, takes my mobile and throws it three floors and it kisses the floor. What do I do? I run in my shorts with the tooth paste froth still in mouth to get my mobile. In return I gain seductive looks from all the pupp fatted aunties in my apartments. But atleast they look (yeah, try living in Bhilai, aunty looks will look so heavenly !!, I am a proud despo :)).
Mr Hanuman is a bachelor, but he raped my kitchen FULLY, twice :). With my peanut salary, had to buy fresh groceries over and over again.
The best part is is my friend touched my feet adn said I got Hanuman's blessings ( yeah so obvious, that s why am in Bhilai :)).
gotta go...