Friday, December 31, 2010

Yappieee nuuuu year :):)

Wishing my online family a very happy, prosperous,naughty and bombastic new year :)

Be good and stay good.
God Bless :)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Love me for a reason:let the reason be Love...

So serene. So beautiful. Like lilies in fresh water, dancing to the tunes of soft westerly winds. Peace. Like the waves on the sea shore who come forward and recede away in shyness. I can see a light. A beautiful white light, shining in its full splendor and glory. I can feel the goodness, the tranquility. I can feel the warmth in the moron chill all over me. I feel like melting away. Like flying. Like a motley of variegated colors exploding pleasantly in my head with all brilliance.

 Finally I feel God has heard me. My wish of just one extra day with him has come true. I know he cant leave so abruptly. Leaving me to grope in the blinding darkness. Leaving me with so many infectious aberrations around. I want to ask him how he is? Is he eating well? Taking his BP tablets properly? Watching his favorite Cricket matches? Going on long drives (but with whom? As my mom is here, perhaps hoping he’ll come back some day, one day, today?). 

A sudden jerk. The bus has come to a halt for nature calls  near midnight. Everything disappears. Memories remain. Thanks Dad, You have always been the one to wish me first on my birthday.And this year is no exception.Thank you Very very much.You showed me to fight. You showed me Blood is NOT thicker than water. You showed me the true colors of everyone near and dear.You showed the survivor in me.

Some people form indelible imprints in your life. No matter how far they are, or how near, they are always there. To support, to care, to love. Dictionary calls them FRIENDS but I call them LIFE. A few click click moments with them all..

 Party at ma place for Bharathi's Birthday :) (from left: Anu,Vikram,Urundai,Korr,arithri,malini bharathi,JK @the phone guy,Suma, Nannu,Her Highness and Bhai :))

Thinking hard.. Please comment on my photographic skills :)

 Nannu, my nephew sang and me :) He has the sole authority and guts to make me dance to his varied tunes..I am not complaining though. I love every bit of insanity.

 My ex-juniors Kamala and Divya who took the pains to travel far and long to see me.

 Prasun. He gets me the choicest books every year on my day. We hardly talk ( rather I dont talk). But still.. we are good friends. As I say, In true relationships physical closeness and hi-how-are-you phone calls never really matter.

 Bharathi. The forever Bulwark. Needless to say anything more.
 Priya Mom and Me :)  I love this pic and the people in it :)

Thanks mommie for the book :) Will read and review soon :)

 Madhu. The insensible guy when it comes to thinking aloud. But yeah, He is  the best :)

 Greeting card- best way to express you care.
Which is lovelier ? the watch or the luxury chocolates? Still thinking..

A consortium of all the goodies that wonderful people gave me. As a token of their remembrance, their love and affection. Yeah, am creative to border them with new dupattas( thanks Mother Earth for your 20%discount offer and Bhai for your overflowing bank balance :))the only color of my life for six days as we have to wear uniforms (colorful duppata allowed).  

Missed Viji, Leena, Ini, Moti, Revs though :(
My grandma's sister visited us on my Birthday. She has her Knee replaced recently but nevertheless climbed three floors to see me. This is my achievement. Love in someone's heart. A guileless heart who blessed me. 

I am indeed a lucky girl. Aint I??

PS: I know that many of my friends read this blog but never comment. Just drop by this post to say a hi.  I shall be honored.