Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I have been given this cute blogger award by Hemz *clap clap clap* .. I gotta write ten 'cute' stuff about me sigh.. it is tough, so will write ten thoughts on my mind right now instead, hugs if you find anything cute:), chale chalo, read on..

Yes, no doubt IPL glamour dolls have the best of b&*bs, best shakes of arses, best hip jerks, who obediently oblige to the horizontal and vertical hand jobs of the umpire err.. was talking about 4s and 6s..please have some thought purity:P but why come into my godly game and pollute it?? Agreed, they cheer, they attract leers, but dont they also distract the poor players? They are the culprits for my team Rajasthan Royals to lose three matches in a row.. I saw my Warne sneaking looks at the hotties. I saw Yusuf Pathan getting out ogling at their..hmm.. wateva.. I saw Kamran Khan giving too many loose deliveries losing control over himself..But I dont blame them. I am happy they have perfectly funtional genitals :P .Now picture this: what you would rather do between studying for a hopeless maths exam the only hope being to plead nerd Gita to sit in front of you and watching Bips dance to luckkky boy... you are my luucckky boy.. fantasising you to be her lucky boy of course if you are straight!!:)...And Mandira, I HATE YOU.Learn first that there are 11 players to a team and the same team cant do both batting and fielding at once Mandira. hmph..*hot air outta ears*
Well, who does not love people who are gutsy huh? My ideal courageous person is one who has the guts to FART in public *sheesh, did I hear anyone say this lady needs a big time break?* with full woofer sound effects, and not have even an iota of embarassment after that.. See, its so simple to woo Preeti.. Keep farting !!:) Chriz, hope you are okay now :P

While we were in Goa, I had a crush on Francis.. In my fourth Grade... I will never forgive my father for making me a helpless nerd then.. Maths exam.. Francis was absolutely a normal kid, getting sexy sized zeroes everytime in Math.. So he came up to me and asked "Preetu (ah, that is how my Francis used to call me..)can you pass on your answer sheet a bit? I swear I'll do anything for you, diary milk okay?" Poor Preeti is torn between father's advice on not copying or let being copied and turns her poor heart stone cold and says to him,"Sorry, I wont show you anything".. Poor Francis walks away... to whom?? Gita of course :(:( remember the nerd in point one right??? SIGH... To Francis- I dont listen to my father anymore when its Math, I am still waiting for you, and err.. am sure am hotter and sexier than your Gita.. Come to me and mend my heart...and yeah.. I still make paper boats , i know you still do that too :):)

I never really recovered after my love failure in fourth grade.. grew up to be a tomboy and played kabaddi, lagori etc with street boys. Amma tried telling me "God will rip your ears at night if you behave like a boy" I simply replied saying " I dont like ear rings... good if god does that :)" And even now I am in a hopeless gang of guys where I spend my time checking out chicks for them when in Garuda Mall or MG Road.. I just hope I remain straight !!:)

I guess I swallowed skaters when a kid.I keep falling down every now and then. The worst part being I laugh my ass out loud. And the crowd which gathers round me to make sure my bones are intact err.. by the way do we have bones on our ass?..ewww.. chuck it:) and when they see me laughing, they get thoughts of calling both the mental asylum and the ambulance at once.. thinking I have gone cuckoo outta pain due to the fall.. But I will keep falling.. WHY? Of course hoping Francis will carry me one day.. duh, I know am a disillusioned bollywood movie buff :(

One day, Hukimi comes to me and says her boyfriend has cheated her, and she cries her heart out to me. She also says she thinks he slept with her best friend Guyiji. I say " Sorry Hukimi, you are thoroughly mistaken, he did not sleep with Guyiji, dont ever think of him that way, I saw him sleeping with Firaadi", SLAM.. Hukimi walks outta the room.. Sigh why is it wrong to say the right things at the wrong moment? Preeti, tu kab sudharegi :(:( , Err.. Hukimi, in case you are reading this , I am so sorry for you, please come back to me.. of course with my new box of tissues that you took away the other day, I gotta running nose..

I dont like plump aunties pulling my cheeks and saying,"kanna unakku thaan next kalyaanum" (roughly meaning you are going to get the license to sex next..) or some other aunty saying I have grown approx .98765678 kg fatter or some other aunty saying my dress is not very traditional or another aunty saying I dont exactly look like my mother but an escaped orangutan from the grasslands of the Savannah ... Sigh Aunties, I hate you all....hmph

If being professional means not eating road side paani puri with the sluuuurrrrp sound of the extra paani, not eating gola (ice without cream and just syrup on a stick) spreading the syrup all over my lovely uniform, not licking the diary milk wrappers, not splashing out water from a puddle formed due to previous night rains outside my control room, then yes, Preeti is NOT A PROFESSIONAL AND SHE IS PROUD OF IT :)
I dont mind if you say I have been sleeping with Clooney or Johnie, but please dont link me up with people who are truly in love with someone else, who are about to get engaged, who are married, who are married and have kids, who are married and have kids and have kids of kids :):) And gotta problem with me.. Be a MAN or a WOMAN, come to me directly dont go about carrying tales and be a two faced bitch!! I am one too :)

You girls and guys have no idea how much this blogger world means to me. err.. guess this is the first sensible thing so far here :) Will try to be frequent as before. Till my next scribbling, sayonaara !!:)

Thanks again Hemz..

Sunday, April 26, 2009

These memories will last... an eternity...

A string of fond indelible memories sharing with my online family...

age 1: Hot sultry Sunday afternoon. I am sitting on the dining table, playing with the mixer, containing green and white coloured chutney. Amma asks my cousin to look after me for a while. I wanna get down to the floor as I see my little cousin brother playing with my toy car. My cousin very very dedicated to my amma's words does not let me down. I smear my cousin's eyes with the chutney and jump down the table.

Amma runs barefoot to the doctor, with me crying uncontrollably in her arms, four stitches on my forehead , still visible. She taught me that the most powerful weapon on earth is a mother's pure unadulterated love for the child.

age 4: Me standing outside sandhi fancy stores, Mylapore, Chennai.. Getting attracted to a red and blue water bottle. I ask amma to get it for me that very instant. She refuses. I throw a tantrum.. she does not budge and walks away from the shop. I try going higher in pitch, hoping that would make her retrace her steps, I fail miserably and run behind her , finally catching her palloo. There she taught me, persistence and force does not always win..

age 6: This was when my sister was born. And its pretty natural to feel avoided and possessive over amma. I bite my hand with my own teeth and tell amma showing the teeth imprints that she did it. Amma knew it was me, but used to chide my sister, who did not even learn to walk properly and tell me I should be her best friend in all walks of life, be her guiding star always and love her. She taught me to love, truly from the heart, may it be for five minutes or fifty years, she taught me to love, without being ostentatious, without expectations, since expectations is always proportional to frustration.

age 12: Goa. Heavy vernal showers. Appa's office is 2km further down my school. My school at 8 and so is his office. Not one day has he dropped me in his car, though we start at the same time. I used to make holes in my raincoat and try to trigger sympathy waves but to no avail. Maximum he did was get me fresh raincoats every month. It was a three km walk from home. But now, I do not regret. He taught me reality is perennial, luxury is short lived

age14: Appa told me stories of Dasaratha and other mythological stuff.. I asked him when Dasaratha could have four wives, why cant you? That was the day he realised, I was born an iconoclast, and never thrust religion upon me, to date.
Its been my wish to be agnostic and they have never meddled with my feelings. He fed me with books, made me drink good music, experiment with physics and nature, and taught me until you burn your fingers, you never know what heat is.

age 15: Pre board exams. CBSE social science paper. It gave me jitters and nightmares. Never remembered dates, names places and tenures of Pres and PM. Stayed up all night and amma stayed up with me too, saying she aint sleepy, and kept giving me fresh filter coffee every two hours. She is the world's best mom whose care binds me to her forever.

age 18: Who said we cannot share certain things with mom? This is when I started discussing most datable guys, looks, crushes and err.. sex too. This is when she taught me: frankness forms the basis of any true bond.

age 22: Here I am now, on my amma's lap,.

feeling the freshness and tranquility of heaven, thinking of all these memories,thinking of my parents, as to how two perfectly contrasting characters can live so happily together.. They fell in love after marriage,which was coincidentally on Feb 14, even today, appa and amma go out on candle light dinner, go on a long drive, appa cooks at home on Sundays and falls ill when amma goes out of station They are a paradigm of a perfect couple, who drown their differences in the ocean of ceaseless love.Slowly I close my eyes, to the music of her bangles, when her hand caresses my hair fondly.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

I, Me ,Myself :)

I have been tagged by twisted elegance ages ago . Here I go finally...

I am: Preeti Subramanian. (initial hopefully will change after three years:))

I think: (of) nothing. Very dificult to put virtual brains at work, Why disturb it?
I know: I am straight!!
I want: nothing, got everything

I have: sexy eyes and lips, beautiful bum length hair, Bips looking figure :)

I wish: you all the best in life for still reading this ;)

I hate: roaches and mosquitoes

I miss: my 11th grade English madam. gawd, she was a hottie :)
I fear: darkness

I hear: kausalya supraja what ever from next door maami (sigh this maami menace!!)

I smell: (virtually) virgin mud smell, when the first drops of rain make passionate love with mud. Simply the best smell ever.

I crave: for peace everywhere.

I search: for a proper dress (top, bottom dupatta together of the same piece) every morn.

I wonder: why I am Preeti and not someone else, though I am my favorite.

I regret: taking up this tag !!(sigh, kidding, just that there are too many I ams and so little about me :))

I love: chocolates, sleep and err.. sex :):)

I ache: when I see my own blood (never have the courage to see someone else's)

I know I was not: perfect :)

I am not: a girl!!

I cry: to attract attention rarely :)
I believe: in illusion, instincts and impulse.

I dance: Preeti can dance saala, anywhere everywhere, justhat i need to get started :)
I sing: in my bathroom

I read: right now, A hungry tide, Amitav Ghosh

I don't always: avoid problems, I rather plunge into it and put a period.

I fight: with my sister who is equally hopeless :)

I write: here :)
I win: love and trust easily
I lose: patience and temper easily
I never: say never again, ever ready Preeti (for non-objectionable things)

I always: hug my scabby and sleep (err.. atleast till such time I catch hold of someone sleepworthy)

I confuse: others

I can usually be found: suffering from insanity

I am scared: of solitude

I need: nothing, have everything :)

I am happy: always :):)

I tag : anyone who is interested :)

Friday, April 17, 2009

yet another random rigmarole :):)

Ok, on your mark, get set, get BUGGED :):)

What does Pretty Preeti do after working from 8 am to 10 pm ? ( ahem, yeah, i DO work all that while, if you got second thoughts, get outta here :):)). 

1. Take a bath??? Never, Preeti is hydrophobic, so I work for the country both from BHEL and outside BHEL (saving both power and water :)) 

2. Talk to boyfriends on phone? err... ahem... clooney is kinda busy these days, and johnnie guy is on the verge of break up with bips since he s not able to shake me outta his mind.. Since both my boyfriends have other temporary higher priorities, no sticking to phone either :):)

3. clean my  sexy bed to flop immediately after dinner?? well, my bed is not mine anymore. There s one mr. lizard who sits on it day and night, day after day month after month.. gone are the days when I used to feel irky , yuckie creepy wriggly etc.. after all preeti is fatter than a lizard, and she s generous too. So I sleep with the lizard :(:( So no bed cleaning too.

SO all that Preeti does is WASH SOCKS. Yeah subah se le ke shaam tak, shaam se le ke raath tak,preeti washes socks. Such a tiny piece of clothing (still talking about socks okie) gives such a severe headache. Big things come in small packages, so does dirt. Tough dirt comes in small feet coverings :( Feel like smashing the TV when ever I see surf excel ads or tide,where a guy's shirt becomes bathed in white light by just holding the detergent. Come on , am not avaricious, still yaar, the socks should have mercy on me and let go of dirt after two washings in surf excel, dettol plus rin soap plus my hard hand worked brush. But low, dirt smiles at me saying, " here I am , this is me, there s no where else, I would rather be :))"(sorrie Enrique, pl don commit suicide at the context of plagiarism of your ahem romantic song).  SO preeti chucks the fifth attempt at washing them to perfect white, and flops into bed, with of course the lizard :) tut tut tut.. 

At the end of all this  socks rant, I thank everyone for being with me and reading this crap of mine. And this post is dedicated to Amit Sir, who enjoys my craziness to the dot :):)