Sunday, October 3, 2010

Speed 1THz Memory 1 ZB :)

I liked Enthiran. Yeah, am a hard-core Rajini fan. No matter he's 60 years old. No matter he cant dance. No matter he cant look that great. But he's got something mystic about him that is really magnetic.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has tried best to look hot? sexy? dont know what. I dont understand why she wants to flaunt a wrinkled back. To Aish -"Baby, you cant ever act. Now you dont look good either. Please retire. Take care of your hubby and parents-in-law and sit back home. Give us rest too."

The effects are stunning. Especially in the second half during the various robot formations in the form of sphere, python,hoist etc are a visual treat. Kudos to Shanker for that.

Music is not upto the mark. None of the songs are like hummable once out of theater. I still don't believe its ARR.

Danny is not used properly. His role comes to an abrupt end.

Costumes are really good. Make-up for Rajini is also good. Not over-done at all.

Rajini as the robot "Chitti" has done a really good role.

In short, this is not one of Rajini's mass movies, but class movie. My take- must watch- once in theatre, for Rajini. That said, please dont look for logic or reality. Remember its a Rajini + Shanker movie.


டம்பி மேவீ said...

ya. am also a hard-core rajini fan..

good post

going to watch endhiran now (2:30 show)..

saravana babu said...

Looking forward to the box office record news of the movie

Completely disagree with your comments on ash..

In conjunction with your previous post..Hope you are feeling good

Ria said...

Hmm...lets see if i can watch it sometime. Not really a Rajini fan as such.

Bikramjit said...

havent seen it yet looking forward to seeing the hindi version ...

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KP said...

Seen robot yesterday..its a must watch movie..for me its a fantastic movie..and it reminded me of small wonder serial:)kudos to rajni and shankar..the movie is a visual treat to the fans..and i liked the music..3tracks are pretty impressive

Vinnie said...


yeah..especially the mosquito conversation bit!

RaGhUnAtH BaBu T j said...

i am also a gr8 fan of super star.. :)

and btw ARR songs wont appeal u when u hear it the first time..!! ash looks gr8 in the movie.!

preeti said...

hope you enjoyed it :)

@saravana babu
feeling better :0 lots of good ppl with me in my tough days. and yeah, forgot 'ash' too has fan following :)

got for it dearie :)

get set go :)

good for you you liked the music..

yeah dear :)

aarrghh another disillusioned ash fan.. god be with you :P:P
and I love ARR too.. Infact the first time i eahr it.. Something churns deep within. But this movie songs, a big NO NO to me.

Ramanathan Palaniappan said...

havent watched this movie yet..but the reviews are encouraging..

oh..i never look for logic in most tamil movies...:)

Vikram said...

Finally watched the movie - Fantastic Fantastic movie (NOT A RAJNI MOVIE) !!! If only the climax sequence was a bit shortened - all those geometry shape formation was a bit of drag!!! But loved the movie as a whole!!
Aishwarya Rai looked average (and acted dumb - danced extremely well) - villainous Rajini - wow!!! finally we get to see great acting from Rajini and not just fast walking and woosh woosh hand movements :D - Loved the movie! :)

raman said...

I am wee surprised that you liked this movie.....the photo shown in your blog is a sham on the beauty of our brain.....lets not distort natural things....amd as far as the protogonist is concerned its high time he hung his boots.....few gimmicks and crowd puller can never be an actor!

preeti said...

thanks for dropping by :)

@raman sir
well, He never was/is/will be an actor. But there is something about him. Any TDH cannot ever be a crowd puller. He is an achiever at that. Why? Mystic? enigmatic attraction? this will forever be a labyrinth :) But I simply adore him. Why? No idea :)

raman said...

Well regarding your crowd puller comment it was amusing.....most politicians are "crowd pullers" i hope you didnt mean that they are also not the TDH category.....With due respect to your adoration, its that at times we lose our rationale and are over ridden by mysticism! on simple analysis its that the we normally tend to overdo things when they arent warrented! and we become one in the mob..regarding the "no idea" comment the answer is didnt ask yourself that question!

preeti said...

@ Raman Sir
Okay, I like the way this debate is going on.. been long since I had one.
Let me pose a hypothetical question. Does GOD exist? Well, in my perception the very question that "Does GOD exist" says that there is something called "god" else the question would not have arose in the first place.As we are discussing so much about him, somehting mystic exists about him. I truly dunno what. In fact, I am a hard core Kamal fan. But I never have "adored" him.
Similarly, crowd puller or not, He rocks :)
And coming to the politicians part, are not we all politicians? at some point in our life or other?
In Rajni's case let us look out of the box and grab the bigger picture. He is not an actor, or a great dancer, or macho looks. But he has ruled the Tamil cinema industry over the decades, age no bar. Good people all, of every sort, well, simply adore him. Dot :)

raman said...

Well preeti, I hope you are not elevating him to the status of "god" or whatever is thought of as supreme...The comparison does not arise at all as they are on the opposite side of the spectrum..having said so,ruling the tamil cinema for 40 years or over does not give him a halo, mughals ruled india for 400 years and well i hope they are not adored! well i would mildly put it that we expose our weakness as we dont find icons..and put our rational thinking to slumber and join a motley crowd of "whistle blowers"..

Choti said...

awwww i like Aish' performance especially in Devdas...but ya she was not that good in her latest movie Raavan...

Karthik said...

It's hard to imagine who else could have done this movie; merely even pulled it off. All the wannabe superstars, thalapathys should watch this movie so that their vanity and conceit gets a slipper :P

I am not a big fan of Rajni but this movie will be liked even by his detractors especially V2.0. I watched it thrice for the Black Sheep scene. :)

preeti said...

they are opp sides of a spectrum, but the point is , they are linked in the same spectrum, well, atleast to me :)
And yeah, I adore Hitler too..

yeah dear..
she cant act ever though.. looks aint everything..

thanks for dropping by :)