Thursday, January 28, 2010


I have been promoted to an Engineer from Engineer Trainee :):) Though this happens to 750 other Engineer Trainees of our company, I am feeling proud,elated,good and complete :):)
Just these two lines for now. I wanted to capture this precise amount of happiness and excitation running through me at this moment in the sands of time for eternity. So just put in these words here in my space for my friends, wishing this is frozen forever.


MultiMenon said...

congratulations preeetso!! :D It still is a commendable thingy.. :))

Loadsa love and muaahhss .. :P


GoodEarth said...

Congratzzzzzzzz Er.Preeti! :)

Hemanth Potluri said...

congrats preetz ...thats so nice to hear ...loads of love :)...


preeti said...

thanks bro :)

aye aye sir :)

hey howss you and lucky?? long time you ve been here .. thanks for visiting :):)

Annapoorani Sivaramakrishnan said...

Congrats Mr.Engineer Preethi...Keep rocking...

Annapoorani Sivaramakrishnan said...

oops sorry for the typo gal..It should read as Ms Engineer Preeti :)

sawan said...

congratulations swthrt :) so now u can take printouts as compared to Photostats all these days?? [u wrote this wen u frst got the job] :P
okies, now wer is the party??

raman said...

I would call it a redesignation as one cannot become an Engineer from an Engineer Trainee Overnight! Since on 27th you were a Trainee and on 28th you are an Engineer is highly improbable. Congratulations.....and Best wishes and blessings for your new assignment.

preeti said...

hey typo excused :) I have the doubt to many a times :) cheers :)

anytime buddy;) thanks for your wishes :)

@raman sir
redesignation it is then :) thanks for visiting !!:)

Sree said...

patha nahi ab kiska kya bigaadegi...tan tan cheers!! :D