Wednesday, June 2, 2010

come on up.. screw somebody !!:)

After having a totally screwed up day at office, I feel awesome. Yeah, you read it right. Am really feeling good. The reason is I am going to release my bottled screwed up feeling onto someone else. A sadistic pleasure gained, but nevertheless, priceless:) Trust me, when you are totally a goner, try passing the fever on. I know radiating positivity is the way of life, but try radiating negativity too, its the fun of life. You certainly gain some relief.
Ok, let me stop digression. This incident took place a couple of days back. Me and Mohan were in BUN WORLD (the black forest cake there is awesome, not tried the buns though). There was a size zero girl nearby Mohan. She had worn knowingly a cute girly pink skin fitting T-shirt and a "neatly laundered jean" (not sure why am calling it a jean, anyways...) and unknowingly she had worn a cute little brown slim equally size zero lizard on her lower left hip. So Mohan noticed it and asked me to tell her about the lizard as if he would tell the latitudinal and longitudinal location of its place, she might take offence.

I called out," Excuse me..."

"You have a lizard on your BUTT", completed Mohan. The girl was muddled whom to tackle first, the lizard butt-kissing her or a total stranger calling out to her butt. She chose to react to the former. I am glad we were out of BUN WORLD without any charges filed.

MORAL: am feeling loads better now by pulling some one's leg in my space. You are down,continue the tradition of leg pulling, author included, she shall take no offence what-so-ever.


Bharathi Mohan said...

Un bodhaiku nan than oorukavah :(

Nikhil Menon said...

sm said...

nice story

Sree said...

Lol...he should have used a more appropriate word other than "There's a lizard on your bun" ;)
You could later point to the right bun!! :P

Choco said...

LOL! Your friend seems to be one of those entertaining people who speak out their mind! Hahahaaa :))
Nice blog!:)

Jack said...


LOL. What a way to tell someone of peril! Hope you are avoiding Bun World for some time. Or that ZERO size in t and jean may chipko you.

Take care

joie de vivre said...

Nice blog..

got to know this blog through Nikhil..

preeti said...



thanks for dropping by:)

ha ha ha ha :) LMAO

nice name choco :) thanks for visiting..

you bet I did :) till now didn go there..

thanks for visiting :)

Vikram said...

Yaaru Bharathiya??