Sunday, October 24, 2010

Tauba tera jalwa...

So I was in Delhi earlier this week. We shook the sleep out of our eyes and took the 6 00 a.m flight from Bangalore. Landed safely (I am in-and-out acrophobic. I wish to die beautiful. Up in the air, I  murmur many deals with all the gods my brains could think of. So yeah, landing safely is sort of a  big deal). We had to wait for two hours in the endless queue for a cab,due to puja holidays' rush. Hence could not attend the meeting in morning. Perhaps sleep's wrath for driving it out so soon. Took a metro from Karol Bagh to Noida. Author is used to travelling in uncivilized parts of the country in a tonga. So Metro was like-Whoa!!! what is this thing? Trains of India? Had to take plastic coins for tickets, put my bag through an electronic scanner, swipe the tickets and get into the station. Wait for the train in the correct platform, near "women only" coach. Once the doors open, I come across 'beauties' of all kinds. The following is in common with all girls (well, at least 90% of those I witnessed)

1. More than the dress you wear, the hair you bear needs ironing. That is the need of the hour. Then it has to be cut at odd places, each strand in a different length and let loose. Make the hair wantonly fall all over your face and keep pushing it apart with one hand, of course, cell phone in the other hand. Color it with some pale brown or deep maroon, the exact sick dead color that your hair will naturally get once unattended for two three weeks. Dah this is fashion. God save them.

2.  Painting of finger and toe nails is a must. That too in shades of black, green, blue etc which, at least to me, look devilish. I had a good mind to take a nail cutter and clip them all off. Believe me, there were two college girls who were actually applying a 'third coat of nail enamel' on the running train, cursing their mother all along  for forcing them to a breakfast which wasted their time, that could otherwise have been used for painting nails. Duh!!!

3. The more uncomfortable your slippers are, the more fashionable you are !!! I am happy with my floaters, no matter what people say, its torn, its old, it does not go well with my clothes etc. My question is: Aren't footwear meant to go well with your feet rather than clothes? I just don't get the point.

4. You should show just the right amount of cleavage as a semi naked arousal technique. Men look on. In return they get monster stares from cleavage bearers.  Girls forget the fact that there's a top button on their shirts that yearns to be put on. And those good ones that don't show cleavage, wear such tight non breathable T shirts, that the push-up brassiere pattern could be made out easily.
To all the girls: You look beautiful. In your own special way. So please DO NOT go out of the way to spoil it. 

 Found these few lines somewhere and thought will put it up here.

Go ahead take a second glace,
It may be your last chance.
This beauty right here,
Is not what she is to appear.
All the make-up and all the lies,
Something you cant see through naked eyes.
True beauty that is hard to find,
It comes from within the soul & mind.
When I stand here you turn away,
As my inner self starts to decay,
Just like an old pipe beginning to rust,
Another of God's true beauty turns to dust.

Friday, October 15, 2010


   A short story needs to be narrated in 55 words or less. So, read on and go thak-thak with your comments.

Husband: Dear, been missing you very much since morning.Will work from home, now on.

Wife: a pseudo plastic smile.
He holds her waist and travels to her sensitive neck line, and starts kissing.Lecherous. She responds, hoping desperately to forget her first and last love forever and wishing she had a time-turner.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Speed 1THz Memory 1 ZB :)

I liked Enthiran. Yeah, am a hard-core Rajini fan. No matter he's 60 years old. No matter he cant dance. No matter he cant look that great. But he's got something mystic about him that is really magnetic.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has tried best to look hot? sexy? dont know what. I dont understand why she wants to flaunt a wrinkled back. To Aish -"Baby, you cant ever act. Now you dont look good either. Please retire. Take care of your hubby and parents-in-law and sit back home. Give us rest too."

The effects are stunning. Especially in the second half during the various robot formations in the form of sphere, python,hoist etc are a visual treat. Kudos to Shanker for that.

Music is not upto the mark. None of the songs are like hummable once out of theater. I still don't believe its ARR.

Danny is not used properly. His role comes to an abrupt end.

Costumes are really good. Make-up for Rajini is also good. Not over-done at all.

Rajini as the robot "Chitti" has done a really good role.

In short, this is not one of Rajini's mass movies, but class movie. My take- must watch- once in theatre, for Rajini. That said, please dont look for logic or reality. Remember its a Rajini + Shanker movie.