Monday, September 21, 2009


Well, had a feel of all sorts of emotions yesterday. As usual, penning them down here, without censoring okie :):)

On an active stroke, I successfully shifted my home yesterday, from A 63 to A 64, though the distance between the two houses is as far as our eyes and ears, it took me four months to do that. Finally, yes, I DID IT !!:) kudos to active preeti :)

On a feel-good stroke, watched dil bole hadippa. Movie is really good if you are a Rani fan. But at some places you go like "eeeeewwwww" when rakhi Sawant pops up. you feel like giving her your handkechief and pray secretly she atleast accepts that. The movie was racy especially after my long list of watch-faltoo-movies-and-throw-250-bucks-in-gutter epidemic.I have fallen for Shahid s hair style and color. He looks awesome. Songs are a bit jarring, but ok. On the whole , GO FOR IT :):) and please dont listen to the News channel morons who give so called correct ratings.

On a pinnacles-of-embarassment stroke, I entered (unknowingly, innocuously, unintentionally) into a GENTS restroom :(:(:(:(. I was actually talking to my friend and kept walking, not realising he was entering into the forbidden zone. And even after entering, my pea sized brain didn realise and was talkin to him animatedly. When three guys who were actually err.. doing the act gave me George Bush to Saddam Hussain looks, I realised where I was. I just slipped a shy sorry, and rafha daffa ho gayi :(:( into the ladies restrom (ahhh.. finally) . Then changed into newly bought clothes so that I am not recognised and convicted. Whew..

On a disgusting stroke, I seriously dunno where we are heading to. At the start of the movie we were asked to stand for the national anthem. Two college so called educated girls said " oh no shit man... why do they do this to us.." I am not all that Gandhi follower or India India type of girl, but come on, get a life girls. You need to maintain certain level of respect for the country and not stoop so much. I agree you have royal arses, but remember it is resting in our country only.

On an appalling stroke, I got a seat in the bus. Yeah it is a big deal because it was 6 30 pm and it was bangalore and it was raining and it was bangalore again.One aged grandpa who had finished his evening namas didn get a seat. I offered my seat to him as he was very aged. The girl next to me , who thinks she is the first cousin of Aishwarya Rai, gave me a look which said "you want me to sit next to him ??". DUH.. sad such people exist.

On a rejuvenating stroke, I played in rains yesterday :) Got fully drenched and experienced bliss by floating paper boats in small puddles. Yeah, am paying for it now, got a nose leak but who cares??? live life to fullest, kya kahen.. kal ho naa ho (err..,. bear with the melodrama, author not to be know how yash chopra films are :))

On a happy happy stroke, am going home today :):) mommie mommie :):)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Some neural block has occurred I guess. Right now am in office staring at my monitor for past two hours with the determination to do nothing at all. Guess I am saturated with MaxDNA PLC concepts, and SSingh ( sheesh.. just now the shocking revelation comes to me that I have never mentioned SSingh, next post on him..rather US). Now before I digress as usual, am gonna brag about my SPORTS DAY.
Well, yeah, though I work in a public sector, though the thought pattern of a few people is tangential to mine, though the number of people I speak to at office is equal to total virtual hair on Syed Keermani’s head., come SPORTS DAY and we became one common name, cutting the barriers of hierarchy and sex. We were BHEL-ISG. For Ladies, the events started with spoon and marble race. Though the game may seem kiddish to many royal b&*tts , it reflects on one’s concentration capacity, time-distance mastery and speed governance. And It is definitely the best game since Her Highness, Preeti S won the third Prize . Was disqualified in throw ball and running race too cam first from the last. There were a bunch of sad people who had imagined their boss behind them and hence they won it hands down. My boss is cool so I was cool too about the race. My mother won a prize in skittles ( snow bowling) and Me again in tug-of-war. Actually there were two teams and unfortunately I was on the team which came second. Even before I could realize the ‘war’ had started, it was all over, since our team was a bunch of malnourished children from Africa and theirs were a bunch of homo sapiens who were definitely first cousins of Big Show(now if you don’t know him, please get elite with WWF).
Tambola was a grand flop for both my unlucky tickets. Nevertheless, The sir who conduct3ed Tambola was a feast to the ears. Flawless language, with well-tailored words, introducing each number as it popped out of the pink plastic container. The impact of “I am a COMPLAN GIRL” blew away the very next day. Pain started burgeoning from name-it-and-I-will-say-it cells of my body. Fitness level is negative, came the comment from my mother, and for once I could not spit back. She threatened me never to get married (yuhuuuuu) if I am so fit for nothing (literally). So Preeti has started feeling guilty, has swept the dregs of lethargy under her doormat and is taking a solemn oath in the virtual presence of her online friends that she will rise with the sun everyday and go for jogging and other fitness freaky stuff, but never shall I cut down on fried food, potatoes and more potatoes :):). NO WISE CRACKS PLEASE :):).

PS: SOMEONE TAG ME :) I feel like doing a tag :):)

Monday, September 7, 2009

by-the-way post ;)

Well, we are the humble people who toil for the country till 4 30 pm on Saturdays also. My weekend starts after that.. no cribbing though. Caught up with my college friend Priya and two others, Aveek and Nitin at Garuda Mall (pallav who was supposed to join us, unfortunately was temporarily dead in his bed, after a hard core lunch of chicken and more chicken and more chicken).
Did a bit of book shopping, got four books (yeah, you are right, lots of book reviews coming up, wait with bated breath okie:)) then went to a place called SCARY HOUSE . Trust me, it lives up to its nomenclature.. Its a five minute tour of a tunnel which bathes you in darkness (err..we smart as%^s tried to use mobile light only to get them snatched by the hanging skeletons and suspended carcasses). Anyways, in a nutshell we came out trembling, sweating and 206-bones-shaken.
Then went to the gaming zone, where we have to purchase coins and play games. We got glued to basket ball. When you score some decent points, you get free tickets, using which you can get gifts ( say huggables or stationery or chocolates, which depends on the number of tickets you got,which again depends on how decent your score is :)). We 'dignified' girls we accompanied by two not-so-ethical guys. This Aveek and Nitin could not play well enough to get many tickets. They chose an easier option of swindling the overflowing tickets of our neighbour players, two small boys. The boys, really didn seem to know the value of the tickets and were engrossed in their game, and by the time they knew, it was too late. Aveek had already exchanged the tickets for his gift.
Me and Priya caught up on a few Tamil movies after eons and danced to the silliest of songs, and finally crashed at two am.
Sunday: In bed till eleven. Breakfast of cornflakes. Lunch prepared by Chefs Prepri (short for preeti and priya, err.. could not get more creative than that) another movie and baskin robbins in the evening.
What more can one want? huh... still suffering from weekend hangover...Mondays suck bigtime :(:(:(

Saturday, September 5, 2009

The forever BULWARKS

Place: City Montessori School, Lucknow
Age: 4-12,
I cry…Amma does not seem to listen…I wail…hoping to make an impact on her…She walks even faster, clutching my satchel and water bottle in one hand and pulling me with the other (I hold the red and blue color snacks box in my hand, since mickey mouse looks at me wit sympathy, or so I feel..)…I squat at the entrance of my class, determined not to leave amma’s palloo. Tr.Ruby rushes up to me and holds me in her arms and later into my place. I keep looking out of the window expecting my amma to return…I just wait… I cant hold the chalk properly…cant sit in one place forever without my mother’s presence…But was in the hands of a good sculptor, who had the forbearance to hone this stone…Who taught me the power withheld in 26 alphabets, continuously fed me with ambrosia of words and taught me to learn along the teaching curve. I will never forget Tr.Ruby’s serenity, unadulterated care and unostentatious love.

Place: Mahatma Gandhi Centenary Vidhyalaya, Trichy
Age : 15, tenth grade
To some people you feel like giving respect, some others command respect, some you hold in awe but there are really a few who make you feel incomplete and wriggly-earthwormish if you don’t respect and you choose to hold them in awe and reverence.
Tr.Mary - She is THE lady for English language. The language respects her too, am sure. She injected grammar into me, she made me fall in love with books. I don’t really have words to express what she really is. She will read the riot act if you fall out of step, so we got to be watchful every single second, a perfectionist. All I can say is, I respect her as much I respect P G Wodehouse. She gives a book to everyone who gets above 85% in the board exams in her paper. I got 86%. And THAT was my first achievement in my life. David Copperfield-from The Lady herself, bathed in bliss. She was a success as she never worked for notes, even at 65, she radiates vigour and has attained a supreme level in the art of teaching, blessed only to a few.

Age: 15-17, twelfth grade.
David Sir- The zealot. The foodie. The man for Physics, who made me feel ‘something’ from the usual feeling I had- a pebble on the sand being continuously teased and bullied by the mighty waves…He taught me to admire the electrons, tiny things whose motion rules the world, laugh at the bulky protons, visualize the inter spacing crystal lattice like the array of laddoos in a sweet shop, van de graff generator as a barber combing hair before chopping it off and the list goes on.. Sir, Thank you so much, you have enriched my life with a brighter shine.

Age: 17-21, SSN college of Engineering, Chennai
Ramesh Sir and Senthil Sir- these are a pair of absolutely contrasting personalities, poles asunder. Best buddies as they joined college the same time as our batch. One, who searches for something in everything, while the other who vouches for nothing in everything. One who is an upright opportunist, the other, well, troublesome opportunist. One who avoids problems, other who avoids everything which does not have problems. Both these men are simply remarkable and will rush to my help and support always. I have bunked classes to take philosophy lectures from Senthil sir and believe me, there is not one dark unexplored area by him, ranging from computers to hard core electrical, movies to sports, osho to Sidney Sheldon, alpha to omega. He keeps raising the bar for us without our knowledge and we obey him, loyally.

When I finished college and stepped into professional world, got intimidated by many saying that knowledge sharing will be like rains in TamilNadu. Rare and precious. True. It was precious, but never rare. I have never once hesitated to approach my boss, or even her boss for technical guidance. I have asked relentlessly silly questions for which the answers came without any issues, at the cost of their time. Ever grateful to Bindu Mam, NPK Sir, MKM Sir and Subramanian Sir. A special mention about Natarajan Sir. Next to David Sir, he has been my inspiration and pushing factor to redefine horizons.

You truly and deeply mean a lot to me. Show me light forever.