Friday, November 20, 2009

meet the honest damsel ::):)

aww... Sree gave me this honest scrap award.. I am so pleased (happie tears of course, honestly :))..

The rules are I need to write 10 honest things about me ( I assume it can be even 'pure' thoughts I very often have :/) Then I need to tag seven people and pass on this award..
Lemme start...
1. I love to do solitary wrestling with my soul. I choose to be disturbed for no reason, laugh my arse off for again no reason, I drool over guys for no reason (err.. yeah.. no reason:)) and what ever.
2. I cannot talk sense, for continuously more than five minutes. Now no wise cracks saying neither can I write sense, though the author honestly admits that fact too. I prefer bugging a person in person than stick a four inch instrument to my ear. I love to see their irritation and say secretly "gotcha babe/dude, mission accomplished".
3. I have a 'thing' for bold bald men and beer bellied men, preferably old. sheesh.. now that I have said it, I am like whoa.. should I actually be telling this?? but its ok, I am sure some young prince will get instant attraction to my 'honesty' and appreciate the thoughts embedded in these words :)
4. My estrogen starts secreting at the wrong times, and wrong places in front of wrong people. Somehow, I die when I lose a pen or something equally silly but remain a rock when actually someone dies:(:( But that is the way I am, Idiotic as ever :)
5. I am Shenaz-Hussain- hairstyle scared (long for hell-scared) of crossing roads. I never cross it alone, and even if I do, I speak to my mom on phone which doing the act (of crossing the road:P). Just in case I reach hell (remember I am still being truly honest) earlier than other side of the road.
6. I can be elated by small things, say a road side paani puri treat, a greeting card saying you remember, a mail etc. These things will give me more pleasure than getting 10 crores :) Honestly I dont need so much money, because even if I get it, I dunno what next to do with it.
7. If you miss watching Chyna and Stephanie brawling (to ignite the ignorant, Women wrestling) dont worry at all. Come home when me and my sis meet after one month. Amma literally walks out of the house, when we suddenly realise we are famished due to the brawl, and realise further there is no food cooked, and unite against Amma who has committed the crime of temporarily orphaning and starving us.
8. I hate yellow. Be it gold, clothes, wall paints, flowers furniture or what ever, I simply HATE yellow. Given a choice between being with yellow or veerapan (forgetting the fact he has yellow teeth) I ll choose the latter :) Honestly.
9. I love potatoes, form no bar. I can barter a life long supply of potatoes for even Clooney :) I know now two souls will be on cloud nine :)
10.I honestly love my online family. You guys rock.Today and forever.
PS: I tag: Revs, Kartz, Sawan, Vanilla,Jack, Chriz and Matangi :)