Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Garamaa garam KHICHDI :):)

This is yet another of Preeti's prattles :) Stay glued please :)

1. I got a hair cut :) (err.. a month back but never mind, will put it down here ). For people who have known my hairy problems, they will be glad its shorter, less thicker and ahem.. sexier. My hair brush is the happiest thing on earth ever now since she does not get lost in the dense black coir like maggi noodled jungles. My grandfather is dead against ladies chopping off their dead cells, very orthodox Tam Brahm. So what does Preeti do? give him a true it-happened-to-me that my hair got stuck in electric stove in my kitchen, my roomy saved my life by chopping it off. Yeah yeah Preeti never lies :) Meet, Gareeju, my hair stylist :)

Gareeju: Good evening maam, what style do you want?

Me (thinking hard trying to remember what hair cut I had in my fourth grade, sigh... that was the last time I cut my hair): err,,, what do you think will suit my face?

Gareeju: I think layer cut will be fine.

Me (I hear it as 'laser'): Laser cut doesnt sound exciting (err.. actually I was having fantasies of using laser beams and stuff and that would cost my one month salary)

Gareeju: Its layer mam. L A Y E R (she spelled it out).

Me: oh okie, go ahead.

Gareeju tries to run the hair brush, poor thing looses her way and she asks to to un-circuit my spider web myself. Now after the hair cut feeling good, great and fantastic but at times, naked :)

2. I was on a ten day site tour of Bhilai. Just when I started liking the place, a nasty incident took place, and now as I bring myself together to tell you guys, I am a mixture of disgust, hatred and hurt. We four girls went for shopping one evening, by walk. One bastard came running, squeezed my friend's chest hard and ran away. We were too too shocked to react and he was already gone. Though the incident is done, I dont have a rewind button to change things, I still cant get it out of my mind. She was shell shocked and it took her two long hours to actually speak something. To all those FUCKERS and WEAK STICKS,,It is not our problem to have curves. try to have a leash on your hanging hormones. What will become of you all if girls go about kicking dick and balls? And if you really call yourself a MAN, have the guts to own up the act and not run away as though your stump's on fire. There are girls in the job to satisfy your sexual wants, shove it up to them,LEAVE THE REST ALONE.

3. Am right now in a state of professional confusion. I have two choices, either take up site posting at Bhilai, Kolkata or Gujrat or stay in Bangalore and do paper work at office. I like site work because that is where you get the actual feel of DOING something. The feel I get being an Electrical Engineer, that somewhere, in some house I am responsible for glowing of a zero watt bulb is priceless. But this choice means pruning away from people, home, movies, holidays sundays etc. What to do?? :(:(

4.Since I already typed 4..wanna write something here. so...Love you all loads :):)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Why WHy WHY???

This is a blue post. So friends who are pinkie in spirits stay away :)
I totally go bizarre when it comes to understanding emotions, interpreting unsaid things and conveying my intentions underlying my words .
In a group of 48 , when the going is not really smooth and we have certain issues to be sorted out, no single person has the leadership instincts, all are comfortable in their own cozy nutshells happy with the available facilities and state of affairs and just keep biting each others' ears for things to change for the better. And finally when a person really comes up to lead and streamline the chaotic situation, why is he crushed and pushed into the abysmal pit of criticism and satire? Why is he swarmed by back biters and fault finders? How can people ever be so hypocritical and spiteful, when heart of hearts they know that he is a good individual and a leader? It really is a bad mad world of typical outmoded thinking .
Why am I jinxed? My friend Ajijo who understands me always, knowing fully well of my corrupted RAM, crib over not wishing her on her Birthday? Is a phone call the mere depiction of how much I care for her?How do I tell her she's like my shadow? With another friend, Dilibi, who says a stiff NO to a group outing, which really bugs me and I spit something nasty at him to hurt his feelings. How do I make him understand that those words are the outcome for the want of some special moments and time with him? How to make them understand that my thought flow takes shape of sharp words though I have soft feelings? :(:(
Banking on you people for answers :)
Okay on the brighter side, I got awards from three special people and wonderful bloggers , Lancelot (guilty blogger award), Mayz(bestbuddies award) and MultiMenon (lovely blogger award).This post will gleam with these wonderful awards. Thanks a ton . This cheered me up as my temporary absence from bloggerworld has not change anything. I still have my online family with me and by me always :):) HUGS MUAH (yeah Sree, MUAH to you too :):)).