Wednesday, March 3, 2010

welcome to the ad-mad show :)

I came across these interesting concepts in a few advertisements. But this made me think where these ads are actually telecast. I find most of the ads silly (like the kinds of fair ever fair and handsome etc) childish and creativity not in the least vicinity of the commercial.

Marriages are truly made in heaven. This picture is shot beautifully. The blend of concrete, humans and flora is realistic.

wish things were as simple as this Xerox machine…

come what may, our ladies wont change

I loved this one. Creativity in its true form

This was the lone solace during hostel days.. endless cups of tea and one packet of maggi.ahh.. I just remembered a few nostalgic lines from WESTLIFE, Queen of my heart , " I ll always look back as I walk away these memories will last an eternity.."

A picture is more powerful than a thousand words..

Give it a thought.Imagine two people seeing this beautiful world with your sexy eyes ... hmmmmm.

Here comes one ad with a pint of Indian masala.. Zara hatke in class from the rest.

Or there is an easier way. Bum kissing your boss 24 * 7. This is a sure slow poison, though may not be instant relief.


Bharathi Mohan said...

Idhu romba over..

Dewdrop said...

If life were so simple... that's a BIG if! :)

Jack said...


I feel message is conveyed very strongly by Don't Drink and Drive, Every Child Needs A Family and the one on smoking. Good collection.

Take care

Hemanth Potluri said...

those are some lovely ads i would say :)..


Ramanathan Palaniappan said...

good one as always...:)

cherubic_chipmunk said...

Brilliant stuff!
There used to be this site which had a repository of such offbeat ads with profound messages...Dont quite seem to remember the url! Guess i'd seen quite a few of 'em there...Wondering if u might know-What's the source of these ads, if I may ask? Kinda carrying a teeny weeny layer of hope that someone might cuz no search engine seems to help...
Ohh n ur blog's great! Got to urs from abinaya's...Keep up the good work!

preeti said...

chiiii paaaa


thanks Jack



I actually got these ads in my official mail through general information. Will try to get you the link from my HR :) and thanks for liking my space.. keep visiting :)

ajeet singh said...

amusingly and also conveying some important messages

anjali said...

hey... why dint you leave your caption on that kucchi's pic... i love to see you with kuchchees all over your body and............

anjali said...

hey you forget to caption that kuchchi's photo... i love to see you kuchchees all over your body and..........