Thursday, September 25, 2008


This morning, unfortunately, I felt like reading the newspaper. The very first page of Times of India(Bangalore Edition), the center of the page eye capturing article, infuriated me beyond tolerance limits. It is an article about Lady( I feel this is the most dignified form of addressing us) Bartenders. I definitely am not localised in my outlook and do not say it is not our cultural heritage to be a bartender. I believe each person has her/his own fundamental rights to an appropriate choice of livelihood. But in the process, bargaining on dignity, self prestige and virtuosity surely strikes a chord from deep within. Following is an excerpt from the article:


The Karnataka high court’s decision is in tune with changing times and more than welcome. This paper has been campaigning for abolition of some archaic laws pertaining to urban lifestyle. The plain argument against Rule 9 of the Karnataka Excise Act was that if women could break many other male career bastions, why not one in the hospitality industry. Nevertheless, the onus must be on the hotel managements to ensure a safe environment for women bartenders.

Yes very true, hospitality industry can have ladies, no issues over that. It wholly is centralised to an individual's will. But I strongly feel The ToI is altercating its own so called rights to liberation views with the following paradoxical cartoon.

This cartoon, does it show true hospitality, or cheap publicity of a women’s body on sale? I don’t say women have to worshipped next to god or that they should be treated as a precious abberation with the utterly delicate care and concern. However, there is a fine hair line difference between looking appealing in tandem with most recent couture and looking vulgar. The former commands some dignity of thought and action while the latter just gives a come-fornicate-me picture. Just tell me, If a lady bartender wears an outfit as painted above, will it render ‘hospitality’ or accrual of hormones to the bar visitors( after few rounds of imbibing, they would hardly have control over their senses)? It is indeed a matter of shame and disgust that such a leading newspaper should have such a despicable sales promotion technique.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A glimpse on Murphy

For all those who are not familiar with Mr Murphy, let me tell you murphology gives the basic idea of sustenance in the cosmos-"if anything can go wrong, it will". I picked up the book, fumbled through a few pages and here are a few interesting laws :

1.Bell's Theorem When a body is immersed in water, the telephone rings, or door bell screeches.
Well nowadays we got cell phones, so telephone problem is solved. But cant help the doorbell:)

2.Zadra's law of Biomechanics The severity of the itch is inversely proportional to its reach :P

3.Willoughby's law When you try to prove to someone that a machine wont work, it will.
This always happens in a EEE machines lab, where you toil and give the complicated circuit connections, sweat to make the motor run, but the stubborn motor gives no heed, even after you plead on all fours. The you go to the lab incharge, quite reluctantly but helplessly, listen to all his rantings that you are the dumbest student he has ever had in his glorious experience of 10 odd years, you have to make your face look like you are deeply sorry to disturb him and that you are really really dumb to even add 4+9 properly,erm....I know I still stick out fingers and toes for tat but anyway..look guilty.tats the point. I think there is great chemistry between the lab techie and the stupid induction motor, should be love at first sight. The moment lad techie touches him/her(the motor), starts running,smoothly and sweetly. He gives you one good-for-nothing look and storms out. Bah..Murphy is so so right..

4.The queue Principle The longer you wait in the line the greater is the probability that you are in the wrong line.

5.Finagle's eighth rule Team work is essential. It allows you to blame someone else :)

6.Banana Principle If you buy bananas before they are ripe, there wont be any left by the time they are ripe. If you buy them ripe, they rot before eating.
Moral: Dont eat or buy bananas. Not worth so much ado. I don like bananas yeeks!!!

7.Ballance's Law of Relativity How long a minute is depends on which side of the bathroom door you are on
No solution, you cant have a doorless bathroom :)

8.Jacob's Law To err is humane- to blame it on someone else is even more human :)

9.Horowitz'Law Whenever you turn on the radio, you hear the last few notes of your favorite song

10.Murphy's laws' Law
1.Stores that sell Volume One, will not know of Volume Two.
2.Stores that sell Volume Two will be out of Volume One.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

bits and pieces here and there....

This is a scribbling of few of my experiences over this week. Been quite active, in the sense, slept only for 10 hrs from the past week record of 15 hrs a day :)

* Have you ever felt like seeking solace even behind the skimpy, scanty, almost non existent clothes of Mallika Sherawat? Well, i did feel like for once :) A friend of mine sent her non objectionable and viewable honeymoon pics :P. She called up and asked me if I saw the photos. I was busy doing nothing as always, nothing at all, including viewing the pics she so fondly sent to me of all creatures :( The phone conversation went like this :

friend: Hey hullo you alive ? Why didn you call me up you stinking pig , after seeing the pics i sent?

Me: Hey hundred years de. Was just about to place you a call. cant believe it. Yeah de, super pics, I especially liked you amidst snow ( here i took a wild guess , as it should definitely be snowing in Switzerland now, and we Indians will look at snow like a 15-day-starved cat looks at milk :), took a shot that she should ve posed in snow for sure :)

friend: Are you sure you saw the pics?

Me: Hey kya yaar, i am being so descriptive, don't believe me ah?

friend: How can you view the pics when I forgot to attach them ? I actually called to say that but anyways wanted to see how you react.

Me: hello hello hello...
Hey dear, i really apologise for lying. So in case you are reading this forgive me. And yeah, send the pics now :) will see it and write in next post about it :)

* I am not much of a god fearing person and dont frequent temples. But sometimes have to go with mom, lest should bear the brunt of bad dinner :) Went to a small temple near my place. I really got pissed off with the pujari present there. Seems navarathri festival, special puja etc etc and he was literally bullying people to give money ( min of Rs 500), he started saying things like its for god's sake, dont say no and repent later, blah blah blah. Did god ask him? There are such ridiculous people in this world, who lie and play with the emotional temperament of people for a living.

* Have you ever watched a movie and felt like-whoa, this is the perfect heroine. Was watching Maine Pyaar Kiya this noon. Bhagyashri rocks man.. So simple yet serene, so silent yet glib, so down-to-earth yet charming....

* Been really long since I have been to a green grocers'. When asked for a kilo of beans , he says 40 bucks, i was like "eeks, i want just one kilo, not more". He gives me such a dirty what-a-good-for-nothing-thing early in the morning look and says i can have it for 39 bucks and not less. I buy them, part with money grudging inflation, return home to be smashed by mom for selectively buying the least fresh ones.

* Never go boasting around saying you are a graduate, school topper in tenth, district topper in 12Th, galaxy topper in engineering... I bet you cant answer the questions of your next door sixth grader. So half the time she comes for doubts in Geography, History or even English, I am bathing sleeping or outta house. Planning to spend next week on learning what are adjuncts adverbs bare infinitives etc, Indian revolution and Atlas.. Some way to kill time :)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Certain moments in life are .... PRICELESS

Over a cup of super mom-made coffee, this morning, was reminiscent of the wonderful things life has given me, the wonderful people round, precious moments with them, leave an imprint forever in my mind.Feeling really nostalgic.

Moment 1 My sister studies in a boarding school and we meet only during the first weekend of every month. The two days are absolute bliss. We chat away to glory about books, guys, life at hostel, friends, food , gossip, vetti vambu etc etc etc... Sis, I really love you the way you are :)

Moment 2 There are some people in life who mean the world to you. My perimma who tops the list,just became grandma and me chithi :) Super baby boy. I am yearning to see him my sister and atimber when they fly down here in January. Sankrish rocks :) I am sure girls will go gaga over him at college. SO damn cute :)

Moment 3 Sometimes you are so filled with goodness and success that you dread to think of future and what s in store next for you :) But I believe in live life now policy man... Kal ki baat kal dekhenge :)

Moment 4 When you loose touch with your childhood friend and really really feel sorry for not being in touch, cursing and kicking yourself for being complacent, and suddenly one fine day, she mails you and says " i am getting married" wow absolute bliss :) so so so happie for you dear. Stay in touch ever and enjoy life :)

Moment 5 The only good thing about the movie KANK is the MITWA song and I really get so engrossed in the song losing myself, when the power turns off, man... Then when power comes in a fraction of a second ( i know its next to impossible but it happened for once ) I feel really on cloud nine.

Moment 6 When two of my best friends are placed in some other company and leave for work and promise to stay in touch, a tear drops down my cheeks unknowingly. Shared some really really special moments in hostel with you girls . Bars and Devi, you gotta repent if you don mail or call often okie ???

Moment 7 When mom is tired and says she cant make garam pakoras for tiffin and I go away sulking, and in ten mins time I get for myself two plates full of pakoras ( both for me :)), I am left speechless :) Busy eating :)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hmmmm all's well that ends well:)

Well end of the red letter day of my life. I got selected in the written exam with BHEL ( dont ask me how or why:)) tats an absolute engineering miracle. though I love travelling,this 600km is particularly a torture( more torture than ramba humming a tamil song and dancing in a bikini :P . I reiterate i live in a darn place called tarekere and travelled from tarekere to birur to Bangalore to Chennai to Guindy ( anna univ). Due to parent pressure and some peer pressure came to write the test With absolutely zero preparation and tension and confusion and anticipation and excitaion and ok enough

Gotta mail twenty days ago that i am through for the interview. My cousin's wedding so had ten days off for that. I hunted for books from all my friends ( my own books are with a different set of friends which is again with a different set of friends :P. Then crammed toiled struggled fought with books for twenty days, even more than kareena struggled to get to size zero :)

Guess what happens on the day of interview-Mr Murphy entry, what else. What was supposed to be a technical round was full of HR and random babbling , jo mere baayen haath ka khel hai yaar :) thanks to blogging i can really talk for long while without any sense at all. All my nose-sticking-to-books efforts in vain. But Mr Murphy thanks in a way for peeping in as i was totally freaked out and good that there was absolutely no techie whizzing around.

Results?? Oct 20 man.... Will grumble if i dont get through and bear with my big floating head if i get the job :)