Saturday, March 7, 2009


Got loadsa time and missed my random rigmaroles? march southward, else, move your royal asses off here :)

1. What job does Preeti, B.E, Electrical and Electronics (yeah, my convocation is done, so can claim this with a proud bum, though could not collect my degree yet :( )?
I sit from morning 9 am ( err.. 9 am is morning right, ahhh... chuck the tantamount :)) to night 10 pm in front of two monitors, in the control room. Now if you imagne the control room to be furnished and got AC and stuff, sorry, you are crazy. It is just half constructed and am glad that for the past two days, cement is not falling on my sexy hair :). Fan has become a luxury for me.. But work is worship and work for the country for you guys to have 'lights' in your life. So three cheers (hic hic ) to Preeti :):)

2. okay, Preeti sits and works.. what does she actually do?
My major job is to get scoldings from the customers. How do I get mentally destressed? simple, imagine clooney or johnie (sorry revs and keshi :), you got tough comepetion from Bhilai ki chori ) on the monitor and just take a chill pill. I have named one customer as Sexy Sam, and the dialogue bet SS and me:
SS: Tum BHEL vaale kya kar rahe ho? Ye motor kyun chaalu nahin kiya?
Me: good morning sir
SS: good morning gayaa bhaad mein batao kyun MOTOR NAHIN CHALO HAI?
Me: SIr, actually mechanical clearance nahin mila.
SS: To aapke mech vaalon ko bulao, main tera muh dekh dekh ke thak gaya hun.

Well, SS is a blend of Johnnie lever and om puri, with a highly constipated face, who seems as though has not discharged for ten days and is suffering from severe levels of insanity. Getting to know that such a person cant see my face, kinda turns me down. As it is, chances of getting 'connected' in Bhilai is like Delhi 6 winning an oscar( yeah, thats the second sin i committed after karz), so poor Preeti gets shattered :)

3. I am missing Chennai + Bangalore now :( Bangy for traffic and road side paani puri. Me and Nan got 2/3 paani puri ka water in our body, and I heard that the local bhaiya at malleswaram from whom we used to hog paan puris has become a 3 star hotel owner with our money :)

4. GURRRLLSSS, Uffff.... There are certain things I cant put up here :(:( (err.. problems of being popular, my blog though is dying, is read by ah.. chalo chuck it )

5. Nowadays in free time, I write my own definitions for certain words. tell me if they appeal to you
Goggles - condom for eyes :)
Sunrise- amber daub on azure canvass
Lipstick (girls who use it look away) - a way to shoo away guys saying" i got artificial moisturiser, dont need ya":)

Thats all for now.. gotta go.. where? control room of course :) SS main aa rahin hoon :):)