Monday, May 26, 2008

What's the big deal..

I have a Nokia 1100 . I simply dont feel like parting with it because:
* its my first mobile
* it works perfectly fine
*i have just changed a battery for the past four yrs ( just recently I have grown a phobia to talking for long hrs over phone, earlier I used to fry with anyone and everyone :P)
* My butterfingers have dropped it in mess 'sambhar'( unlucky mobile had to bear with its stench along with us( though we did not have an option)) , 100 times all over the 225 acres of our sprawling campus and despite all this it has still been my loyal companion.
My dad is like it wont look good to carry such a simply mobile when I enter the corporate world( come on yaar, why should they bother about my mobile ) and has bought me a blackberry( it looks sleek fragile flimsy costly and not my type). Another arguement is I can have a camera cum music player cum bluetooth cum infrared cum ultraviolet cum what not in one instrument. And if I lose it, I should bear the guilt of losing all the camera cum music player cum etc..
But no, I am not parting with my mobile unless there is something seriously functionally wrong with it.I made that very clear.East or West my Nokia 1100 is the best , could not get more creative than that :)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

yiipppee I am an Engineer....

Whew... finally after toiling, struggling, cramming, for 4*365 days with this university and its wonderful correction, I am an engineer. The feeling is typeless. :)
I was sleeping as usual at 5 p.m ( like a log, not my fault effect of watching matinee show of OSO), got 18 missed calls from friends saying results are out ( was still sleeping) and then ten messages. Finally woke up when mom was like 'Endi sandhya velaila vilakku vekkara nerathula ipdi thoogara. Olunga ezhundiri'. Had to get up else would have to face the consequences of bad dinner :p. Since already said I am in a 'Hi tech' village, could not log on and just was told by friends that I had cleared everything. As any other engineer, I did not bother about percentage.
A few milestones and achievements I would like to share withyou all.

1. I got decent marks in project (190/200) and felt happy about the same since hardwork and sincere effort was rewarded. But many of my friends were not appreciated to that extent. One of my good friends did a real tough hardware project in a month ( after changing their topic in the last minute) and they were not givcn what they deserved. And also many readymade and non deserving batches who took airs a whole semester and just went to the shop and bought projects shelling out a fortune were rewarded. But its ok in the end. My friends really have something big instore for them later on in life :)Kuch khona hai kuch paana hai, jeevan ka khel puraana hai ( I can get philosophical at times :p)

2. My four yrs of Engineering is filled with evergreen memories of four staff of our dept(Ramkumar sir,Ramesh sir,MSK sir and Balaji sir). These are the four pillars of unbelievable support and encouragement who can go to any extent to help you out, no matter even it takes putting them into trouble . Thankyou for leaving your footprints in the sands of my memory . I am ( we all are) ever ever ever grateful and thankful to them.

3. We had a paper in final semester called Neural Networks, handled by one Mr. Anniyan or i like to call him Saitan Ka Bachcha (SKB for short). He has the talent of teaching perfectly from a local author( but claims he has 'referred' and taken notes from all the russian, american, italian, african and what not books) and we can rest assured that what ever crap is taught by him is bakwaas and you can surely get an arrear by following him.You can expect minimum internals of 14/20 from him only if you satisfy any or all of the following:
* listen and take notes like parrots in his class leaving your both halves of bheja to rot.
* run behind him after each class asking him stupid questions and make him realize only he is the creator of the subject and is the only one having flair in it.
*listen to his Anniyan and Mr.Perfect dialogues for 1or 2 or 3 hrs together ( believe me, watchin a Karan Johar movie (inc KANK) is a better option)
* passing all his useless unit tests (attending tests itself is a herculean task)and again ask him doubts in the 'tough question paper'.
* Doing a project under his guidance and only his guidance( i swear you'll never get your degree).

Without any doubt, 98% of our class got below 14 and the headache of getting an ounce more than the magic number 36/80 ( 50/100 is the border) had to be borne by us.Ok, all said and done come on yaar, he is not a great teacher, does not mean you should critisize him this way. Listen to this then:
* Once some guy1 was taking hindi classes for guy2. guy2 wrote on the board:
" Ek Gaon mein ek kissan rehta tha" ( Once there lived a farmer in a village). Guy2 forgot to erase it. Next morning first hour we had SKB's class( obviously I had enough senses to start my day in a better way ). SKB tortured all those innocent souls passing by his room and saying that we had written that on purpose to insult His Highness. He deciphered the simple sentence saying that by Gaon(village) we implied classroom and by Kissan(farmer) we implied him. So the conclusion:
farmer=illeterate && SKB= farmer so, SKB=illeterate
wah kya sochta hai:) and repaired our already punctured images to all other staffs of Dept

If this is heights then listen to this :
Our gang as usual outstanding were discussing birthday plans for our friend. I suggested shirt and some other friend suggested pants:) So we all started laughing and SKB was passing by and said we were laughin and mocking and tittering at His Highness again( we would not dream of doing that lest we should face three hrs of Anniyan dialogues) Since he was again going about puncturing our names, we went to him and made him understand what had actually happened, he nodded his head like a tensionless pendulum and said he is ok now that we had clarified but lo, again carrying tales about our disobediency and all nonsense.
Finally, our results said it all. Not withstanding his menial internals , we all cleared that paper.
So just **** *** SKB:) :)
But he has taught us how ridiculous and bitter people can be to save their skins and we now have the immunity to face any such similar aberrations in this world. Thanks for that SKB!!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

my final yr project -a chronicle

This blog is dedicated to my unofficial project guide( my good friend and classmate) and my batchie (who had the guts to pair up with me for her final yr project).
After much ado and lots of title hunting for a suitable project, our unofficial guide ( he ll be referred to as S henceforth ) asked us to do a project in robotics, and asked us to design and implement a light sensing robot. Little did we know about PIC microcontroller S gave us the basics since none of the staff in our Dept were familiar with it.We then went from staff to staff to guide our project and finally landed upon one so called 'student friendly' guide. We reported our progress every two weeks ( even though we were caught up at some point in project without any progress, we had to report else he ll go about complaining to other staff that we did not bother to tell him whats happening and how we are faring even though faring=0) and the first time we went the conversation was like:
We: Good morning sir, we are so and so doing a project under your guidance
Guide: hmmmm... So what do you want?
We: We came to report our proceedings sir.
Guide: Hmm.. wat project?
We: Light sensing robot sir.
Guide: hmm the one you are doing is analog voltage comparison . it is outdated. do frequency or PCM.
We: OK sir., we ll first do what ever we know then do the new stuff sir.
Guide : yeah that is fine

Then we sat and with of course the guidance of S broke our heads for coding in PIC programming and somehow made the project work using amplitude modulation.
Again our report to guide ( after two reviews) believe me we introduce us and our project everytime we go to him

We: Sir we have finished what ever we knew in our project sir. Pl guide us with your ideas for further improvements.
Guide:hmm.. which year students are you? third yr or final yr?
We (totally pissed off bugged agitated but helpless ): final yr students sir doing so and so project under you . tell us what to do using frequency stuff and bla bla?
Guide: tats already been done by third yrs ( bull shit man he does not recognise who we are but remembers some non existent third yrs to have done that project easily). They even showed me the videos for the analog part of project
We came out wordless. Actually we were the 'third yrs' who had shown him the video presentation a week ago !!!!
And we have the formality of getting our project form signed from the guide the day before review and our guide is usually absent that day ( Murphy s law again)
Then we decided perhaps we should go and meet him post lunch so that he might be a little more interested in wat we gotta tell him. But the aroma of chapathis, sarson ka saag and oranges in his room post his lunch made us feel all whizzy.We were asked to work on 'cutting edge technology' (which means technology when I was born).
But kuch bhi ho, he did not give us a tough time when it was documentation time. He approved of all our stories packed in 50 pages and said chalta hai and gave green signal for everything( lucky we in that regard where others like S had to prepare some 200 rough drafts :) ).
Finally, destination day arrived . All the batches were blasted for even one small spelling mistake in their documentation and I was totally pumped up.Batchie handled it well since she got worried abt some other prob( low internals for her in a real tough subject, where a min of 14 was necessary to clear and she had got lesser than that) and since she was already in fire , frying pan did not matter much. Finally we did it. Got laurels from external staff as well as internal profs. The external lady asked if we were university rankers !!! ( we would be had only we two studied in the univ) we said no for which we got a dirty look in return ( we are used to such looks so no big deal at all ).
All's well that ends well. Hats off to you for reading this rigmarole :)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

IPL Glamour dolls :)

Everybody has caught on the IPL fever and i have been immune to it all these many days. Just kept getting the scores and updates from my sister whole tries to knock the concept of t-20 a zillion times into my head and i keep asking her all over again after sometime, ' accha tell me de, who's the owner of what team ? and how many teams in all? why dhoni plays for CSK ?'and bla bla bla. As I am vetti at its best, thought of seeing a match today (bet KKR and RR). It was the usual cricket match.When the ball kissed the ropes for a four, was shocked to find half dressed, supposedly sexy, and crazy girls who did something called 'dancing' and 'cheering' their teams. When asked as to wat or who they are, my sister said that Mohali girls arre the "hottest" ,wooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrssssssssssssstttttttttttuuuuuuuuuuuu. They dont even know the ABC of the sport( though the sport is no more a sport nowadays it s more of business and publicity) but 'cheer' away to glory. After the world cup, there was Mandira Magic and now this. Hmmm.. crickets got more of masti and magic than quality.

Monday, May 19, 2008


Still totally jobless as mentioned in my previous post. Thought of spending this beautiful sunday with few ancestors and their friends. So we went on a lion safari. As goes the Murphy's law, we reached late by five mins and had to wait for the next van (which takes a tour through forests for tigers and lions and...) till 2 30 p.m( we had reached by 1 30 p.m). We visited the nearby zoo. A panther was sleeping or basking in the sun (wat ever, perhaps after a heavy lunch :)). A five yr old kid was pouring water on it and trying to make it move or get some sort of action from it. I just went up to her and said its wrong to do these to animals who already have restricted lifestyle ( I am no Maneka Gandhi, still...) She simply pointed her finger to her mom some where on the other side, who was throwing twings and sticks on another sleeping panther. I felt no point in speaking any further and walked off. Want to know will they have the guts to do this to unchained or uncaged animals? This idea of fun at the cost of hurting animals,, worth it???

Saturday, May 17, 2008

my first blog

Basically I have finally, successfully (though results not yet out!) , tediously, finished four long yrs of EEE and am waiting to be called by WIPRO. A vetti officer for now. A lucrative way of killin time is blogging. so thought of havin a shot at it. Am right now in a village , three hrs from Bangalore and only sources of entertainment here is net and tv (yeah it may sound wierd to call them only sources of entertainment but here the power failure frequency is higher than the frequency of eye winks :) ) and sight seeing which is looking out of the window for the occasional passing by of a two wheeler or a bullock cart. Hmm.. village life is definitely more calm and peaceful healthy and stuff. But very difficult for people like me who have been at least busy these yrs doing something called nothing. Not getting used to silence after a mribund life there at chennai. Wipro please have mercy on me and call me soon :)