Friday, October 31, 2008

oneirophobia :)

Once you see the title, you should have fallen in either of the following categories: is fear of something , let me read ahead...
2. wow, this girl has got a swarming vocabulary (sigh!! wish it were true, I encyclopedia-ed the title word :) )
3. this should be again one of her useless posts, let me raffa daffa ho from this page soon (blessed soul, suit yourself, I wont say you are wrong though:))
4. this should be one of her useless posts , but do I have a choice? Since I am her friend, If not me, who else ?( thanks buddy(ies), love you ever :))

This post is dedicated to a real disturbed friend of mine, in the US, who has new found things like freedom from the watchful and tale carrying Indian society (yes offence intended!!), escape from buzzing neighbours and relatives, solace in getting to breathe in buses and never waiting for eternity in ticket counters, not being able to hear words like 'traffic' and 'pollution' and so on .. But yet, he is not able to enjoy life ... Since he is already disturbed, let me not flaunt of what we have here like good spicy round the clock food (both at home and outside), non-alien looking and speaking people, 24 hours of time which is left to our disposal and not having to dread every second that we are half a second behind schedule for the meeting 2.15 hours and 12 secs from now :), masala puri with friends in beaches, freedom to walk in middle of the road in heavy traffic and flaunting about our Dexter-dodging skills to good looking onlookers and so on and on and on... . Oops sorry mate . India rocks.

Okay, let me come to the point (finally). He has caught the fear of dreams. I am nonplussed as to how to help him regarding this since:
1. I never dream (Sigh!! Kalam Uncle, sorry, I am not a future scientist of India :) ).
2. I never have any long unfulfilled desire to come in my dreams.( because sometimes it takes eons to get fulfilled that I forget about it altogether :))
3. I am the most inartistic and unimaginative person on earth that I cant even draw pictures in the dream.

But I could help in my own special way, will put up his dreams here, so that you guys can help him :):) (yeah, he does read my blog!!)

So Jumbili ( ha.. example of my creativity :)) calls me from US when I am sleeping like an angel *bragging butt smile*and:

Jumbili: Hi ma, what are you doing?

Me: I was zzzstudying online about zzzzshares and zzzstuff in one eye, and taking up an online mock test with the other:)

Jumbili: Oh. Should have known you sleep for four hrs in the afternoon and ten hours at night cha. Anyways, called to say am really disturbed.

Me: Hoping it was some chick- problem and feeling proud that he had called me of all people for counselling and gyan, I chucked the sleep outta my eyes, and tried to focus. Yeah, tell me, am up.

Jumbili: I am having weird dreams. I was riding on a magnificent looking black horse, embodiment of pulchritude and agility, in a dense forest, in moon light. He was a mind reader, reading all my unuttered directions,I just have to think Turn left turn right go straight and stuff. I asked him to turn right after a while. He just twitched his right ear. I again asked him to turn right. He turn his head right. I got so used to his promptness that this sudden mood swing from him got me twitchy and I shouted at him TURN RIGHT , which was such a bad thing to do. In return, he bit me THERE :(:( I buckled up in pain. I can still feel it.

Me: getting visions that he should be really thinking of his THING very often to get it in his dream. And with a horse??ok shut up Preeti, you are hopeless. Ok Jumbili, dont worry, you are fine(and so is your...), just a bad dream. Goodnight, sleep and let sleep :)

Jumbili calls me again today and:

Jumbili: Hi Pre, I had a dream again today. Even you came, we were in a forest (owww.. get out of a forest will ya?) there was a bear looking hungrily at us. My mother had taught me that, on confrontation with a bear, we should act as though dead (sigh, my mother never did! probably, she thought I had some bellicose blood in me, and thought would have come out of the bear menace, sans this fact). But you were breathing and showed us up. It was about to kill us when I woke up and called you (was so tempted to tell him, never to sleep to avoid dreams, but restrained myself with great difficulty as he was sounding genuinely bitter and upset).

ME: Dont worry , I will put an end to this. (more outta selfishness, as this was the second sleep I was shaken out of in two days). Check my blog in a day.

Okay, so guys and girls, my job ends here. I want you people to tell me now, how to cure him of this oneirophobia :):) Cheers!!


Hemanth Potluri said...

best thing to dream more of future family and forget the past man..and move...on u have so nicey dearie friend over here...if u want to dream time dream as preetis uncle (kalam :P)...and achieve some thing above high and please do come out of the oneirophobia ...

preeti the chat between u two was awesome :P...

as usual preety cool post :)..


Black Panther said...

Funny dude! The horse bit you THERE?? ouch. :)

And the second dream, you woke up too soon man. Why worry when Preeti's around? The bear would've run away anyways :)

sreeramshenoy said...

Now WHERE did the horse bite?? Horses have huge teeth, they just dont bite...but bite-it-off!! Hmmm...
Anyways...I am writing a book called "Enpsychopedia" with an equally capable dudette...
Ask Jumbili to read (oh he reads this anyways) that when a pirated one...original mein kahan hey mazaa??
In that book, you would get to read about how to tackle oneirophobia:
Drink a neat quarter of the finest available in market, just before you go to sleep...You would then bite the horse THERE (still pondering WHERE) and scare each hair of the bear!! And know that, when a bear acts dead its actually dead! :D

sreeramshenoy said...

And Preeti, I finally completed your pichle janam ka tag! phew!! :D

Cess said...

maybe he should check online how to translate his dreams, what does it mean when u think of aa forest with a bear, i m sure we can find that somewhere!


Priya Joyce said...

hey gal i'll be cuming here later..i came just to say tat I didn't get ny comments sum probs wth the blogger..sorry dear..4giv me k

preeti said...

thanks a lot buddy !!:)

@black panther
hmph. Atleast bear is scared of Preeti :) happy to help him :)

they just dont bite...but bite-it-off!!
Enpsychopedia- huh, no one's gonna buy even pirated buddy :) hame sabo xerox copy dena padegaa.. apne paison mein :) with a disclaimer board in every single page :):)
You would then bite the horse THERE (still pondering WHERE) and scare each hair of the bear!! And know that, when a bear acts dead its actually dead!
apart from being tann tann mates, we share one more thing in common.. Perverts :):)
yest you were commenting on my page, theek usi samay I was viewing yours !!:)
Enpsychopedia's creators think alike (PJ , anyways).

sure thing !!:) thanks buddy. welcome here after sooooo long :):)

hmph :/ set that prob straight soon :)

Chriz said...

jumbili called you"MA" if only someone called me like that, i would have been in cloud 9

vanilla sky said...

i can't help..i'm a patient too :(
the other day i dreamt a plane was flying in the sky as usual, then it started tilting, panic was created, i ran to my bro's school to collect him...then there was news that the plane crashed at Sarnath , near Benaras, and no casualty since it was closed that day :(

Richa said...

For me, the last reason shall be considered :)
n for Jumbili,
Tell him to get used to this immidiate surroundings :)
tell him not to feel tht he is struck in an alien land, tell him its juz a matter of few more days n he ll b back soon, safe n sound :D
dun get upset n divert ur mind n try not to miss India :)

preeti said...

ok ma, go ma, jump onto the could ma, and what is the solution you offer ma to this oneirophobia ma?;);)

hey jumbili's dream was better dudette !!:) snap outta it soon :)

thanks dear :) that was a lovely comment :)

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

'Onierophobia' - will admit that didn't know anything abt it myself *sheesh* & had thought that you have a phobia of a director called Onir.

I get horrendous dreams of which i won't mention anything of . the second dream jumbili( wah wat a creative name :D ) , i think that means that he has a fear somewhere that he may betray his friends.& the horse bit him THERE??? *hehehhe*
any ways happy dreaming

Vin said...

hehhehehhehee...still wondering where the horse bit him??
neways, i fell into first catagory, n i must thank u ..i will now remember these words forever : pulchritude & oneirophbia of course !!

u have a great set of words in ur vocab, i have started using the online dictionary gal!!
why is he named Jumbili?? does it mean anything in tamil or something? or jlt ?

ur writing style is fun n witty..n very CREATIVE:) i'm sure u r working on a fiction novel too..but if ur not, pls do. the world awaits another great Female Fiction writer :)

Keshi said...

The horse bit his crotch?

First I thought this was a fear of the number 1. hahaha!

On a serious note, I hv pleasant dreams as well as nightmares. Im not scared of em...cos they r only DREAMS. tell him that.

Hv a good one Preetz!


preeti said...

hmph, I dont think beyond male female actors and music director, never even bother abt the director!! thanks for crackin the second dream dudette !!:)

**u have a great set of words in ur vocab, i have started using the online dictionary gal!!

wiping a happy tear from my eye, yay!! I got an admirer :)

**why is he named Jumbili?? does it mean anything in tamil or something? or jlt ?

yeah, jum means dreams bili means hacker, its a dream hacker !!(haha,, gotcha, just spoofed it up :))

reading your last para, there are two happy tears now. female fiction huh?
Jhumpa Lahiri, Shobha De, Arundhati Roy and the likes will assassinate me :)

sigh!! I love you for being so open :) MUAH :)
and tell me tips on how to dream :) I never dream yaar (not counting the eye-open sleep in last benches back in college)
cheers !!

Trinaa said...

i get crazy dreams...hv also got married to ranbir kapoor like 21 times :PPPP

u hv a very refreshing way of writing..carry on ji :))))

Twisted Elegance....stupid brilliance said...

Thank your stars that when you came in him dreams you din bite that THING!!! :D :D


rsubras said...

hi..first timer here..actually was looking to go to Karthik's blog from his profile....but rather ended up in ur blog....

but summa solla koodathu sooper cool blog and cooler posts... you almost justify your blog title fully (except for that "idiotic" part).. :)

Range blog.... your posts and even the comments to ur posts are in hi funda english... :)

sawan said...

4 oz Stolichnaya® vodka
1 dash dry vermouth

Pour the vermouth into a cocktail glass. Swirl it around until the glass is coated. Pour out excess vermouth. Place the glass in the freezer until thoroughly chilled. Shake the Stoli vodka with ice for at least 20 seconds. Pour into the chilled cocktail glass, garnish with two grapes, drink and sleep. I bet he would be out of his oneirophobia :-)

Kartz said...

:D Since when did the ones of the equine kind learn to chomp on homo sapien genitals! I guess only in dreams... ;)

And you can tell your friend to try interpreting his dream. America has a number of gypsies who interpret dreams... :P For a premium... ;)

Or... he can remove the word 'horse' from his head and his dictionary

Ok, I wont let my imagination play havoc here.


PS: I don't dream either. I love my dreamless, peaceful slumber.

PPS: Mujhe oneirophobia ka meaning pata hai! :P

Peace. Catch u sometime...

Suresh Kumar said...

I am not sigmund freud and I dont want to take dream analysis.

Well I do get stranger dreams.
But never something like your friends.

So what was your answer to him ? Does your friend watch too much of wildlife channels :) I heard that they show too much of **those stuff** on National Geographic and Discovery

Priya Joyce said...

I guess he can think of sum beautiful person in his life or any beautiful memory before going to bed...Tats it..

ps:) the probs is ur comments given after this will be published..I am sorry for ur previous comment..

preeti said...

girl, why do you find him so attractive? Even my sis is ranbir-infected :(
thanks ji :) tum refresh hote rehna, main bakti rahoongi :)


miga miga nandri thalaivaa !!:) meendum varuga :) enna perumma saravanaa idhu !!:)

I have saved your comment in my memory. will remember the algorithm when I get a chance to booze :):)
Cheers !!:)

gypsies?? hmm.. good thinking :)
same pinch for the PS.
and PPS , no surprises there buddy !!:)
Cheers :)

@suresh kumar
I cannot help coz I am a dreamless girl :):) so asked you guys to pour in :) thanks for visiting !!:)

hey PJ chalta hai :) big deal.. and yeah, beautiful person huh? me ok ?? I am sure he wont sleep at all :P:P HUGS :)

Keshi said...

Preetz u neva dream? WOW! mebbe I should pack some of my dreams and send em ur way? :)


preeti said...

yeah dear send the good jonnie guy ones :) lets both pack the bad ones and throw it in the ocean ::)

pandian said...

hahaha sorry i cant help your friend with his dreams. but jumbli is sooo funny!