Monday, June 16, 2008

Just for you Revs :)

This post is dedicated to my friend, senior at college, well-wisher and my blog guru - Revathi Ramanan.
She is one of the most vibrant persons I’ve ever been with. Highly unassuming, witty, humourous , helpful and that is all revs. I’ll pay you guys a 1000 bucks if you can keep her silent for five minutes together (except of course when she is eating and sleeping). The loud speaker of our ground floor in hostel, we immediately know to whom she is on phone and the whole conversation. Corridor becomes lifeless at weekends (she bugs her patti then)or when she is not around. I suck at blogging (even now am a novice) but she is really cool and has even got a fan club in her name. She always encourages me and writes nice comments even for my most falthoo and bakwaas blogs ( I am expecting a huge parchment for this Revs :P). The exams times together, makku times, farewell, vetti times in corridor, scribbling on walls remain fresh in memory. When she was packing I was a kid and was crying crying crying barrels of water she was like “Dog stop crying, I am not dying and going to heaven “,Revs let me tell you one thing, for all the 420 stuff we have done, god will never ever think of putting us in heaven. I still wonder how you landed up with an excellent in your conduct certificate :).

Today is her birthday. I’ve never spent time with her on this special day even though its been four years we’ve known each other. I always run off to my home this time ( holidays and home food man :P) or have my placements or she goes to her patti’s place. I have never given you a decent gift or even shared a hug so thought of doing something special for you ( no gifts okie, this’ll do I guess :P). Love you Revs. Revs Rocks and keep rocking and blogging and talking. And by the way , HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Cheers :)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Ufff....Say no to reality shows :)

DISCLAIMER: This is dedicated completely to non- Shah Rukh and non-Salman Fans. Others pl don’t read it and curse me as I am going to totally ruin their images ( in case they got any ).

1. Dus Ka Dum ( naak mein Dum):
Yesterday night I was jobless as ever. So instead of choosing from a myriad of other stuff to do to kill time, coming into the trap of my neighbor’s daughter, an ardent Salman crazy nutty girl, I chose to watch 10 ka dum, which is the Hindi version of Power of ten. To those who don’t know about the show, it is a place where you can win Rs. 10 crore by answering simple questions involving nil GK and the answers are in percentage of people who agree with your thinking.

Eg; Will you wash your husband’s clothes after marriage?
Ans: 40-60%

If the people have also voted in the same range , you get your pockets filled. I have nothing against the game as such. The way it is being hosted , he speaks as though he is half drunk, keeps hugging all the female contestants for every right answer they give and just shakes hands with the male ones ( they are blessed ).A female contestant came in yesterday’s show. She was like oooohhhh Salmaan and aaahhh Salmaan. She comes in zipper shirt and suddenly unzips revealing photos of topless Salmaan all tucked in her T shirt. She grabs him, hugs him and kisses him, and topping it all is the cheering away to glory by the audience. She is married (claims herself to have loved and married) and she shamelessly surrenders to him and says,” agar mein aapse pehle mil gayi hoti to aapse hi shaadi karti “( had I met you earlier I would have married you for sure). Then they show her husband in zoom shot and he also shamelessly enjoys the whole hyped up stuff. Salmaan blushes, blushes and pours out barrels of jollu. Another female uses him as her emotional sink and cries onto his shoulders for what seems to be ages and he consoles her as if they’ve known each other for eons. They should understand that he gets paid a fortune ( 1 crore per episode) and is just an anchor, but they act as if he is giving them his money if they win. Disgusting. I seriously wonder how weird and unreasonable fans can get and the worst part is all this nonsense is being telecast. For heaven sake, don’t watch it and commit suicide and grumble like me 

2.Kya Aap Paanchvi Paas se tez hain???
This is host by King Khan, Bollywood ka baadshah and all other myriad titled, ever on spotlight, ranging from a glucose advertisement to linens to toilet cleaners to what not, even adulterating cricket (IPL).This is definitely better than 10 ka dum but still more attention can be paid to gaming than showing Shah Rukh alone. Since it has not much of viewers and faded to backdrop due to IPL waves, they are now showing Karan Johar Rani Mukherjee as contestants in one episode, Priyanka Chopra and Baweja guy in another episode for promotion of the show. They do singing and dancing and merry making and if they get time after all this, play the real game.
And please don’t wake up at eight and watch NDTV or CNN news . It’s all Salmaan-Kat breakup (true or false ) or Bebo-Saif split up(reel or real). What colour socks kareena bought saif and what food she cooked for him and bla bla bla. In case you are also jobless like me, count stars or see your room fan rotating or close your eyes and sleep or sit quietly finger on lips but no TV shows.