Wednesday, March 31, 2010

lage raho munnabhai :)

Some people adore Gandhi. His only clothing being simplicity. His weapon being non violence. His thirst for peace. His devoted efforts to maintain umbilical cord relationship between Hindus and Muslims. His unostentatious smile which is frozen forever in the crisp tree remnants (err.. sorry if its too much for your pea brain, the author is highly shaded by PGW and her phrase “crisp tree remnants” means paper notes. Sorry for underestimating your brain to the size of pea, in case you already cracked it). Some people adore the last part most. Yeah, his smile. On crisp notes. Get the point?
Bingo, A thief broke into my home a week ago. I was as usual in under-civilized part of the country (this time in East Rajasthan, 20 km from the border). A hacksaw and a can of chloroform did the trick. He broke open through the main door. Dad was in deep sleep(mom had gone for vacating hostel for my younger sister), perhaps romancing with mom at least in dreams. Little did he know he was being chloroformed and taken the rudraksh that he was wearing tied by a gold chain and which has been running down our family for the past eight generations, cash taken from his wallet and other odd places where mom feels is for emergency use like behind the gas cylinder in kitchen, behind the mirror in the bathroom, inside the rice drum and other such equally not-so-cashy places. Then he took my dad’s third daughter, his blackberry phone along with two AC remotes and his diabetic check kit (thinking them to be mobile phones too). So it is definitely someone who knew the stuff at home. But fate has it that we cant blame it on anyone as the gardener, house keeper and cook work in shifts, so there are nearly 20 different persons every week allotted by the company.

Am not done yet. There is more. He has taken the three year old son of my neighbour, bought him lot of chocolates and biscuits and put him in the police station himself.

Am still not done. My dad after the chloroform finally gave way for his neurons to start reacting, went to the police station to lodge a complaint, only to find the DSP’s house had been looted too.

And Mr./Ms Thief, in case you are reading my blog (yeah, this incident has made the author believe that even thieves read her super famous blog L) please keep everything. Just return the rudraksh. My dad loves it. Perhaps more than me.

And if you think this is an April First Fool post, the author swears the contents are true to the best of her telephonically heard knowledge from home and is in need of comforting words, and of course, crisp tree remnants as a source of temporary solace from the shock.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Title sochne ka dimag nahin

Nowadays Preeti wakes up with the sun, arm in arm they go for a brisk morning jog to a lake nearby. Courtesy Priya, who changed me completely. How? Well anyone would, if you talked about the total lack of stamina and fitness during any process or act (well, I was talking about absence of stamina and fitness at work, what are you thinking?) So I keep myself boosted up for the 3 km jog , slapping on sleep’s face rudely and torturing my eyelids open. More than being self boosted, one person really boosted me. A girl. Age 27-29 years. Size 38 (oops sorry, I am shamelessly brazen). Red T shirt size 34. With the text “milk shake” written in white bold letters. I am straight, but am a mixture of embarrassment ( as I too am biologically a girl) sympathy (perhaps she does not have money to buy clothes and is still wearing her tenth grade T-shirt) anger and empathy in equal proportions to the other male-jogging community. So she stops her jog and catches one of the guys looking just a little below her face :0 He stutters. She blasts. He says sorry and moves on. She looks at me and says
“cha, India has got independence but still this eve teasing continues”
I tell her back “ yeah true, India has got independence and Men cant have perfectly functional hormones”.
So, To all such attention seekers- Please understand men. They have curiosity over things which they don’t have, not now not ever. You either try your wee bit not to kindle their fire, else love the attention and accept the fact that you are being looked at and cleavages are God's gift. You got it, You flaunt it. And as freebies you get all the yang eyes poring into you.
Today is International Women's Day ( not the kinda post that women will like I know) and I wish all the women realize these two things:

Stop the “save women” rant. We are not weak to be saved. You in case are being crushed by the society, its YOU who is responsible for giving them access. Be bold. Be a man :)
Men are not aliens. They definitely (at least majority) love and respect us, for being the way we are. Yes, there are some morons in men, but so are there bitches in women.

So this day can be celebrated as HAPPY HUMANS’ DAY :) Let us accept the fact that we definitely complement each other. In all walks of life.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

welcome to the ad-mad show :)

I came across these interesting concepts in a few advertisements. But this made me think where these ads are actually telecast. I find most of the ads silly (like the kinds of fair ever fair and handsome etc) childish and creativity not in the least vicinity of the commercial.

Marriages are truly made in heaven. This picture is shot beautifully. The blend of concrete, humans and flora is realistic.

wish things were as simple as this Xerox machine…

come what may, our ladies wont change

I loved this one. Creativity in its true form

This was the lone solace during hostel days.. endless cups of tea and one packet of maggi.ahh.. I just remembered a few nostalgic lines from WESTLIFE, Queen of my heart , " I ll always look back as I walk away these memories will last an eternity.."

A picture is more powerful than a thousand words..

Give it a thought.Imagine two people seeing this beautiful world with your sexy eyes ... hmmmmm.

Here comes one ad with a pint of Indian masala.. Zara hatke in class from the rest.

Or there is an easier way. Bum kissing your boss 24 * 7. This is a sure slow poison, though may not be instant relief.