Friday, February 19, 2010

A reality review

So we landed up outside poornima theatre near lalbagh last Saturday. I felt like watching a Tamil movie. The last one I have seen in a theatre was dasaavathaaram , some 2.5 years back (yeah, no doubts am born a Tamilian, but still confused as to which "state" of India my loyalty should lie as many states have equally sheltered me). My friends told me Tamil Padam was screening there. But lo.. to our disappointment it was some new Vishal movie ( err.. I hardly know the actor so did wanna spoil my whole weekend grumbling about the lost money and time over a not-so-familiar faced movie I just realise I have not mentioned about the actress, but trust me, in Tamil movies it no longer matters). So we were hoping against hope hopen to get tickets for MY NAME IS KHAN and we got the breakthrough :) yeah we were a group of six lucky bums :). SRK has actually acted in the movie, and not his usual choco boy self. I still cant believe it is the product of a Karan Johar creation after KANK and other family so called sentiment stuff. It just goes way way over my head. Kajol is stunning and you keep mumbling a secret prayer to god that he should imbibe at least 10% of kajolness in you when you are forty. Story line- Powerful. The actual trauma and pain felt by Muslims post 9/11 cannot be better depicted. SRK's asperger syndrome wants you to have some of it, to make a world a better place to live in (well, think over it, it makes sense). Kajol's role in the second half got irritating and tit-for-tat attitude kind. But SRK was paradoxical to her. Costumes- Simple yet elegant. I loved SRK's reebok shoes :) On the whole, if you are in a not so crazy and party mood and want a change in you (I mean it, this movie has made me 'think global, act local') go for it :) So my judgement, its not a movie, but A REALITY.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Meet my valentine:)

Yeah.. okay valentine's day is round the corner and the title promises all lovey dovey stuff inside. After all,love is LOVE, lets all talk about love.. Abinaya's this post made my eyes well.. Thanks for liking me so much. I really am spell bound at the small incidences you remember that we shared and more honored that some of them have left a deep impact on your personality. Cheers gurl, love you:):) Now let me write about a person who means the world to me, today and forever. And I would like this chain to pass on. Write about one person who really means a lot to you. Dedicate it to the spirit of Valentine :) spirit of love :)

Yeah, I love, respect, adore,admire and sometimes even get mad at this person. Well, I met him a year ago. Tall Dark Handsome . Rather you can say he was THE DREAM GUY. We were sitting together in the Human Process lab (click here for further details of HPL). Where I was the chatter box (bragging butt grin:)) and others were obedient listeners. One post lunch session I was unusually quite, then this guy spoke up to me first time," Hey preeti, why so silent,? so so unlikely of you. Come on speak something." I started speaking to him then. About day-to-day happenings. About people. about sex. About my passion for buying err.. chalo SENSOR :):) about emotions. about parents. about Obama. about road side paani puri. About US. What I felt towards him.

He has always been there for me. Be it going to KFC or leaving me to the bus stop to go home or visiting an orphanage or anything. I want a book and I get it, I want one salwar, I get two. I need love, and he reciprocates with so much that my heart aches for excess love.Unadulterated love. Love as for a friend , well wisher and a brother. Perhaps god has not given me a real one as I have HIM. Bhai, I cannot thank you enough. HUGS :):)well, I just remembered I have already bragged about my bro earlier here.

And yeah, HAPPY VALENTINES' DAY TO YOU ALL :):) Well, Preeti is never ON time, she is well in advance :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

void of life?

It all started with a headache after office yesterday. Little did I know that a normal headache could leave such a deep impact upon me. Little did I know that the headache was an effect of unknown emotional turmoil in my subconscious mind. I cried. Cried is too ordinary a word. I poured out from deep within. Till 2 am. My cheeks had dry tears. Pillow was wet. I still do not have an iota of a clue as to why I am in so much pain. I can still feel it. I have a shield around me. Nothing/No one can break into it. I am strong. I am sensible. Then why did such a thing happen? I am confused. Shaken. Shocked at the revelation of a weakling within me. Scared at the thought of ignorance of the cause of such anguish. Does a different Preeti exist? I don’t need warm words. I don’t need sympathy. I don’t need “don’t worry, things are fine” stuff. Because I know things are not okay. Something is wrong, whose magnitude is grouching behind a black veil. I feel I should shun this off as a bad dream/vision. But I cant as it is still fresh in my mind. I need clarity. .I need the real ME back..