Thursday, June 14, 2012

Adieu to adieu

Am back. Married.settled. Happy. Content. Though with the constant need to have my own space back. Procrastination to write. The complacence that i cannot write. The feeling of well being for the need not to write. But how long could i remain? This long. Get geared for a refreshed insanity flow. Time and again!


Ramanathan Palaniappan said...

yea...the crazy girl is back...:)

Jack said...


Welcome back. Waiting to hear more from you. Oh, before I forget CONGRATULATIONS. Who is the lucky man? Does he also blog?

Take care

preethi said...

Like the order "Married.settled. Happy. Content" Wish you Happy married Life.Hope u come back soon :)

Meera said...

Hi Preeti,
I had come across your blogs about 2 years back. I was not aware of your break and today (I don't know why) but just had to google "Chirpy Preeti" to end up in your blog again.It is good to see you back.Do keep writing to do justice to your skills and imagination. Best Wishes :)